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What is the knowledge of polyester filter cloth?

Time: 2022-10-22

Polyester filter cloth refers to the filter material made of polyester fiber.Polyester filter clothis divided into polyester long fiber filter cloth, polyester short fiber filter cloth.


Polyester staple fiber filter cloth material properties: acid resistance, alkali resistance. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, recovery is very good, conductivity is very poor.Polyester fibertemperature resistance is generally 130- 150℃, the product has some advantages of ordinary felt filter butt, and wear resistance is very good, has a high cost performance and become felt filter material in the use of the largest variety.


Pharmaceutical, sugar, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuge, etc.


Heat resistance :120℃, breaking elongation (%):20-50, breaking strength (g/d):438, melting point (℃)238·240, melting point (℃): 255-260. Specific gravity: 1.38. Filter performance: Polyester staple fiber filter cloth raw material structure is short and wool, woven fabric dense, good particle retention, but poor stripping, air permeability. Strength wear resistance, water leakage is not as good aspolyester long fiber filter cloth.

Physical properties: moisture regain

Mechanical properties: high strength 4~5.5g/D, good elasticity and elastic recovery, elongation 15~30%, good wear resistance.

Chemical properties: acid resistance but not alkali resistance.

Heat resistance: dry temperature

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