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What is the knowledge of high flow filter element?

Time: 2021-12-27

The high-flow filter element has an internal pressure filter, one end is open, and the filtering fluid flows from the inside to the outside. The large diameter design of the filter element increases the effective filtering area, which can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and reduce the size of the housing. In the application, the filter life is long, which can reduce investment and labor costs.


High Flow Filter Product Characteristics

  • The filtration direction from inside to outside ensures that all impurities are trapped inside the filter element;
  • Gradual aperture structure, high dirt holding capacity, reducing labor and operating costs;
  • Can use a smaller size filter housing, reduce investment costs and save floor space;
  • The replacement is faster, simpler and safer, and the O-ring design ensures the reliability of the filter;
  • Hot-melt bonding material can prevent particle release and unloading.


Technical specifications

  • Filter element size: Outer diameter: 6″
  • Length: 20″(535㎜), 40″(1024㎜), 60″(1524㎜)


Part Material

1.) Filter material: folded glass fiber, folded deep polypropylene (PP), melt blown polypropylene;

2.) Support / diversion layer: polypropylene;

3.) End cap: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene;

4.) Sealing ring material: ethylene propylene rubber, nitrile rubber.

5.) Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm;

6.) Operating temperature: folded glass fiber: 121°C; folded polypropylene: 82°C; melt blown polypropylene: 65°C

7.) Pressure drop: 3.4Bar

8.) Recommended pressure drop for filter element replacement: 2.4Bar

9.) Recommended filtering flow: 20″450LPM;40″800LPM;60″1150LPM.


Application Area

  • Large-scale reverse osmosis pretreatment filtration;
  • Electronics industry high-purity water pre-filtration;
  • Petrochemical industry amine liquid filtration, oilfield reinjection water filtration;
  • Electricity, coal chemical industry security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment.

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