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What is the effect of the number of bags on the efficiency of the high clean medium effect bag filter?

Time: 2023-08-04

High clean medium effect bag filter effective filtration area, large dust capacity, low resistance, large ventilation and other characteristics, so that it is widely used in different industries, generally speaking, the bag structure of the filter more multi-bag, single bag can also be used, the bag filter bag more the better? What are the advantages of using it? One by one for your detailed explanation:

High clean medium effect bag filter

The frame and support structure of the high-clean medium effect bag filter can be reused, the independent flange structure is adopted, the W-type ultrasonic sewing table greatly increases the dust capacity, is strong and not easy to leak, and only the filter bag is replaced when the filter is replaced, and it is convenient and fast, greatly reducing the operating cost and labor cost.

The number of bags of high clean medium effect bag filter is designed and selected according to the actual application site of customer needs, generally considering its installation area, economy, clean range and other factors. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Medium effect bag Filter Factory)

Some air conditioning systems where the filter is installed can only accommodate one or two bags of space, at that time we can not do three or more, which is limited by the impact of the installation environment, and some customers require the use of the working area is large, the amount of flying dust is large, we have to consider his use area, the same bag length, the increase in the number of bags, the filter area increases. The service life is also increased, so that it is more cost-effective from economic considerations, but also consider the limitations of the installation, the general manufacturer will provide you with scientific bag number recommendations according to your work area, some customers can also customize different specifications, different bag number ofmedium efficiency filteraccording to their own needs. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Medium effect bag Filter Factory)

High clean medium effect bag filter

Air bag filteris recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters (Shanghai SFFILTECH bag filter factory)

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