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What is the difference between one hundred grade clean shed and one thousand grade clean shed?

Time: 2022-11-24

Clean shed is generally known as one hundred clean shed, one thousand clean shed, ten thousand clean shed and so on. So, what are the differences between one hundred level clean shed and one thousand level clean shed? Let’s take a look at the classification standard of clean room air cleanliness: cleanliness is different, relative to cleanliness, one hundred level clean room cleanliness is higher than one thousand level clean room cleanliness, in other words, the dust particles in one hundred level clean space are less than one thousand level clean space, and the air particle counter can be detected obviously.

The area covered by clean filtration equipment is different, and the cleanliness requirement of one hundred clean shed is high, so the coverage of air filtration equipment, FFU, or efficient air supply outlet is more than that of one thousand. For example, one hundred clean shed needs to be covered withFFUfiltration unit, and one thousand clean shed does not need to be covered with FFU filtration unit.

Requirements for the production of Grade 100 clean shed:

The top of the clean shed is covered with FFU (FFU can refer to clean shed FFU); Frame: with industrial aluminum (or stainless steel square, iron square spray) as the frame stable, beautiful, no rust, no dust;

Anti-static curtain: surrounded by anti-static curtain (or toughened glass), anti-static effect is good, high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, no deformation, not easy to aging;

Fan filter unit FFU: adopts centrifugal fan, with long life, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, can be continuously variable speed and other characteristics, the fan quality is reliable, long working life, coupled with the unique air duct design, greatly improve the efficiency of the fan, reduce the noise! Internal purification level up to 100-100K; It is especially suitable for the area with high local purification level in the workshop, such as the assembly line operation area. Internal purification room special purification lamp, no dust can also be used ordinary lighting.

The internal purification level of the thousand-grade clean shed reaches the static test level 1000. (Fan filter unit FFU manufacturers)How to calculate the air supply volume of the thousand-grade clean shed?

Cubic number of clean shed working area * number of air changes, such as: width 3000mm* length 3000mm* height 2200mm* 65 times of air changes.

What material is suitable for thousand-grade clean shed support frame? There are generally three kinds of support frame square: iron square paint,201 stainless steel square,304 stainless steel square, aluminum alloy square.

Among them, iron square paint,201 stainless steel square price is cheap,304 stainless steel square, aluminum alloy square price is expensive.

Clean shed is the fastest and most convenient to establish a simple clean room. Clean shed has a variety of clean levels and space collocation can be designed and made according to the use needs, so its simple use, large flexibility, easy installation, short construction period and movable are its main characteristics. At the same time, clean shed can be added locally to reduce costs for local areas that need high cleanliness in general grade clean rooms.

Clean shed is a kind of air purification equipment that can provide local high clean environment. The clean shed is mainly composed of the box, the fan, the primary effect air filter, the damping layer, the lamp and so on. The shell is sprayed with plastic. The product can be suspended, but also ground support, compact structure, easy to use. It can be used single or multiple connections to form banded clean areas.

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