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What is the difference between a clap-free HEPA filter and a clap-free HEPA filter?

Time: 2022-11-19

The structure of HEPA filter is divided into partition and partition. So what’s the difference between them?

The clapless HEPA filter mainly uses thermal sol as the separator of filter element, which is convenient for mechanized production. In addition, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency and uniform wind speed. At present, a large number of filters required by clean workshop are mostly non-baffle structure.

There is a partitionhigh efficiency filter, aluminum foil, paper made of folded as a filter element separator, the formation of air passage. The separator is made of high quality kraft paper, hot rolling forming or offset paper for the separator. At present, double-sided coated paper is used as the separator. The main purpose is to prevent the separator from shrinking under the influence of cold, hot, dry and wet, so as to emit particles.

When the temperature and humidity change, the partition paper may have large particles, resulting in unqualified cleanliness test of clean workshop. Therefore, for places with high cleanliness requirements, customers should be recommended to usehigh efficiency air filterswithout partitions.

The price of the baffle filter in foreign countries is higher than that without baffle, so there are fewer places with baffle in foreign countries. In addition, V-shaped channels without clapboard filters further improve the uniformity of dust receptivity and extend service life compared to rectangular channels with clapboardair filters. The clapless filter for ventilation avoids the use of metal parts and is easy to be discarded, meeting the increasingly strict environmental requirements. Except for some special occasions where high temperature resistance and high safety requirements are required, no baffle filter can replace the baffle filter.

Function Features

When reducing the size and weight of the filter can also increase its air volume. The demand for wind speed in a small space can produce products with a larger volume of air. In order to facilitate handling and installation, a smaller and lighter outer frame can be provided to reduce the weight. A good product design allows for flexible installation, replacement and upgrade of the product. The product performance is better than 2 times the height of the outer frame with a clapboard filter. 55mm, 70mm and 75mm pleated products can reduce product resistance, improve filtration efficiency, performance is better than other clap-free products on the market. When using 55mm 70mm, 75mm pleated high products can reduce product resistance to bring energy saving benefits to the system.

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