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What is an air shower?

Time: 2023-02-03

1. Use:

Used for medicine, vegetables, raw and cooked food processing and precision instruments, electronic instrument workshop necessary purification equipment.

Two, function:

Air shower room is the supporting equipment of clean workshop and supporting clean room, when the staff enters the workshop, through this equipment, with strong clean air, remove the dust, hair, hair crumbs and other debris attached to the surface of clothes and carry things, through the primary, middle and high efficiency filter, eliminate the staff will dust, bacteria into the workshop, to meet the strict health standards of the work site, Produce high quality products. At the same time, it acts as an airlock to prevent unpurified air from entering clean areas. It is an effective equipment for purifying human body and materials and preventing outdoor air pollution in clean areas. It has strong universality and can be used with all clean rooms and clean workshops. (high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Iii. Composition:

Mainly composed of fan,high efficiency filter, control circuit, box and other large components, the price difference is basically due to the difference of these parts, with the improvement of the degree of specialization of the industry, the process of the air shower room has become more and more exquisite, from the original manual blowing to now fully automatic blowing, wind speed from 18m/s to 26m/s, The performance of the air shower room has been improved significantly. As far as the air shower room fan is concerned, Shanghai Sanfan new fan is a brand with good reputation in the industry

High efficiency filterfor Zhejiang, Shanghai and other southern manufacturers more, generally with diaphragm filter, small resistance, large air volume, control circuit is generally an integrated control system, is a special control circuit of the air shower room, with emergency stop manual start air shower time adjustment module, etc. Air shower room some small accessories such as door closers, photoelectric sensors, electric locks and other quality is often related to the normal operation of the entire air shower room, so it can not be ignored. The air shower design box access is relatively large, each manufacturer according to different design experience and cost positioning of the factory air shower product internal structure is also different, according to the industry norms generally have static pressure box fan cushion fan soft joint double blowing or three blowing duct structure, and then say is some manual work process, such as door frame and door coordination degree, The sealing and aesthetic degree of glass glue, as well as the later cleaning work and so on are a reflection of the company’s service concept.

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