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What is Shanghai SFFILTECH High Efficiency Air Filter?

Time: 2022-12-30

High efficiency air filters without partitions are mainly used to filter airborne particles less than 0.3um, as the end filter of various filtration systems. Non-partition high efficiency filter is the most common type of filter in clean engineering at present. It is separated by hot melt glue or plastic comb. Compared with ordinary filter, it has the advantages of low resistance and high efficiency, thin thickness, light weight and large dust capacity.

Non-partitionhigh efficiency air filteris mainly used in: electronics, semiconductor, precision machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries to the cleanliness of civil or industrial clean places end filtration.

Since the high efficiency air filter without partition board is generally used as the filter end, the requirements for the high efficiency air filter are also the most stringent, and the factory needs to be tested one by one. As the end of the high efficiency air filter is the most critical level of the filter, requiring additional “observation”. To extend the service life of high efficiency air filter without partition, the most fundamental way is to keep the dust in the pre-filter. Replacement of pre-filter a show without stopping production, without debugging, so experienced owners will pay attention to and money on the pre-filter.

High efficiency filterwithout partition: positive MPT without partition filter is separated by hot melt adhesive instead of aluminum foil with partition filter. Because there is no partition, the 50mm thick filter without partition can achieve the performance of the 150mm thick filter with partition. (HEPA manufacturer of high efficiency air filter) Under the condition of the same filtration area and filtration efficiency, the air volume of the HEPA with 90mm thick outer frame can reach 1.3 times of the standard resistance type with SPAN 150mm thick and twice of the standard resistance type with SPAN 150mm thick. MPT can meet today’s air purification requirements for a variety of space and weight and energy consumption.

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