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What forms of activated carbon filters are available? Absorbing odors, there is always one that meets your needs

Time: 2022-08-22

What forms ofactivated carbon filtersare available? When it comes to exhaust gas purification and odor adsorption, people usually think of activated carbon filters. SFILTECH has summarized some of the more common forms of activated carbon filters, and we hope to bring you some references!

Honeycomb block activated carbon filter

The adsorption effect of activated carbon mainly relies on its well-developed void structure to form a large surface area, and after full contact with the toxic and harmful gases in the air, the strong adsorption force field around the pores of activated carbon is used to analyze the toxic gases to be sucked into the pores.

Thehoneycomb block activated carbon filteris mainly used for this purpose. It adopts the honeycomb structure with well-developed pores, the pore density is about 50-300, the fluid resistance is small, the specific surface area is large, and it has excellent adsorption performance, and there are general types and water-resistant types available.

This kind of filter – generally suitable for large air volume, low concentration of organic waste gas treatment, can also be applied to indoor air purification, oil and smoke air purification, refrigerator air conditioner copier and other equipment deodorization.

V-type activated carbon filter

This kind of air filter uses columnar granular activated carbon treated with special chemical formula, and there are varieties such as honeycomb type and filled type, which has the advantages of strong adsorption capacity, light weight and easy installation. For example , theactivated carbon V bank filterproducts.

Generally speaking, it can be installed in central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems to remove odors from the air. According to the actual needs of the purchaser, a variety of special activated carbon materials are also available for targeted absorption of volatile organic compounds, acidic and alkaline gases, formaldehyde, mercury vapor, radioactive gases and other harmful gases.

Flat plate activated carbon filter and V-type activated carbon air filter also use the same granular activated carbon, the air inlet surface has increased the honeycomb plate, which increases the adsorption capacity and removal efficiency while reducing the resistance, easy installation and maintenance, reliable performance, and strong versatility.

It can be applied to various ventilation systems such as fresh air purification and exhaust gas emission.

Similarly, there are box-type activated carbon filters.

The activated carbon air filter cartridge adopts a cartridge structure, the adsorption medium can be replaced, and the metal shell can also be reused. According to different air volume requirements, the combined unit can also be made into 4×4=16 cartridges, 2×2=4 cartridges and other forms.

Folded activated carbon air filter is made of activated carbon soaked polyester non-woven fabric, which can remove various odors in the air, is light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and also has the functions of dust removal and odor adsorption, and is used in various air conditioning and ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality.

What forms of activated carbon filters are available? These are the types of air filters that use activated carbon as adsorbent material, choose a professional manufacturer and see which ones meet your needs!

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