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What do we need to know about V-filters?

Time: 2022-08-15

Features of V-filter.

1. Large filtering area, low resistance and long service life.

2. It is an environmentally friendly multi “V” air filter for ventilation without partitions.

3. Installation flange frame, can be interchangeable with the common bag filter.

4. Water-resistant ultra-fine glass fibre filter paper is used, and the outer frame is made of polystyrene plastic, which can be completely incinerated.

Fields of application ofV-type filter.

1. As the front-end filtration of high-efficiency filters.

2. In pharmaceutical, electronic, food, hospital and other industrial purification and air conditioning.

SFFILTECH is tailor-made: according to any requirements, we can customise our products for you.

The filter media consists of ultra-fine glass fibre filter paper with a continuous hot-melt adhesive to ensure uniform pleat spacing, which plays a good role in fixing and preventing the cartridge from falling off and ensuring the best airflow through. Polyurethane sealant is used between the filter media and the frame to effectively prevent side leakage and damage. The frame is made of high quality ABS, which does not produce toxic gases when incinerated and is conducive to environmental protection or waste disposal. The filter has a large effective filtration area, low resistance and high dust capacity in its class.

Large air volume / W/V-type filter structure.

1. Multiple non-spacer filter elements form a V-shape structure, which is installed in a plastic frame.The high-efficiency filteruses ultra-fine glass fibre filter paper with low resistance, waterproof and flame retardant. The frame and flange are made of light weight polypropylene, the low weight facilitates handling and installation.

2. Made of water resistant micro glass fibre paper, the polystyrene plastic frame can be completely incinerated and disposed of, it has a large filter area, low resistance and a long service life suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems with tight installation space, with mounting flange frame, interchangeable with commonly used bag filters.

3. Generally with 25mm thick installation flange frame, easy to install, it has a large filtering area, low resistance and long service life.

Advantages of SFFILTECH V-filter/High air volume/W/V-filter.

1. Unique box type structure design, high structural strength

2. High efficiency, high air volume, long service life

3. Large filter surface, low resistance, large dust capacity

4. Suitable for high speed airflow environment

High air volume/W-type/V-type filter

V-filter/Large air volume/W-type/V-filter Product features.

1. Adopt ultra-fine glass fiber filter media

2. Small footprint and large air volume

3. Fully sealed with polyurethane rubber all around to ensure no leakage

4. Outer frame: ABS aluminum alloy frame, galvanized frame, plastic frame.

5. Efficiency F7, F8, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14

6.En779 efficiency:, F7(80%~85%), F8(90%~95%).

1. Temperature: 70°C maximum continuous temperature.

2. Recommended resistance: 600Pa (working resistance point: 450Pa).

Application range of high air volume/W type/V-type filter:

1.Application in hospital operating rooms, semiconductor factories, microelectronics factories, pharmaceutical factories and any other places where air pollution needs to be strictly controlled.

2. the final filter of clean room ventilation and air conditioning system, the air supply can directly meet the air clean requirements of class 10,000 and 100,000.

3. Air supply duct systems for local clean areas. Exhaust air system containing dangerous pollutants. Air purification equipment with compact structure. We also have other high efficiency filter products, such asHEPA filter with seperator. If you need a product, please contact high efficiency filtermanufacturer.

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