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What are the process patterns of aluminum frame folding primary filter?

Time: 2023-05-12

Aluminum frame folding filter is one of the more commonly used, as a primary filter, suitable for the primary filtration of air conditioning system, mainly used to filter more than 5um dust particles, so the filter effect of large particles is very good, because of the wide range of applications, so the aluminum frame filter style is also divided into several, the following points for you to understand:

Aluminum frame folding primary filter

Aluminum frame collapsible primary filter is designed with removable outer frame, and its filter material can be cleaned. It has the characteristics of high dust capacity, high strength, low initial resistance and good fire resistance. (Shanghai SFFILTECH panel pleated air filter manufacturers)

The outer frame consists of a strong aluminum frame that holds the folded filter material in place. The diagonal design on the outer frame provides a large filtration area and makes the inner filter material adhere tightly to the outer frame. All around the filter are glued with special professional adhesive glue and outer frame, which can prevent air leakage or damage caused by wind resistance pressure. (Shanghai SFFILTECH panel pleated air filter manufacturers)

Aluminum frame folding filter is made of superfine meltblast bonding fiber density gradually increases, the toughness of the synthetic fiber, the use of seamless welding technology, has good air tightness and bonding strength, not to leak or break when the wind pressure is high, and the bag with a unique support design to ensure its stable, better filtering effect. (Shanghai SFFILTECH panel pleated air filter manufacturers)

Theprimary air filterscreen not only has aluminum frame, and paper frame, galvanized frame two kinds of outer frame, the primary filter as our commonly used filter, more attention should be paid to its quality, so as not to affect the subsequent use of high efficiency filter, which requires us to have a clear judgment on product quality. Don’t just go for price, price does not determine the value of the product. (Shanghai SFFILTECHpanel pleated air filter manufacturers)

Aluminum frame folding primary filter

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter

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