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What are the functions of medium – effect purification filter?

Time: 2023-05-20

Pocket air filter is the type of most people choose, the price is also very cheap and fine, the natural environment of the office is basically its shadow, which is also the reason why it is loved by everyone. In many industrial enterprises, there will also be a lot of particles, paint mist, oil mist and other substances in the waste gas produced in the production. Enterprises will choose it to purify the waste gas. Today, I will introduce the role of themedium efficiency Pocket air filterfor you:

The role of medium – effect purifying filter

The role of medium efficiency purification filter is suitable for the intermediate filtration of air conditioning system, located in the front of the high efficiency filter, mainly used for filtering 1-5um dust particles, to protect the system in the next level of filter and the system itself, has the advantages of low resistance, large air volume, optional styles are bag type, frame type, combined type and so on. It is widely used in central air conditioning ventilation system, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and other industrial purification, because the windward side of the bag filter is large, so its dust capacity is large, low wind speed, is considered to be the best bag type medium effect filter customized products. (Shanghai SFFILTECH pocket air filter manufacturer)

Manufacturers generally use non-woven fabric, imported glass fiber as filter material, galvanized sheet or aluminum alloy frame, with large dust capacity, large air volume, small resistance, repeatable cleaning advantages. Widely used in optical electronics, instrumentation, food and beverage, biological laboratory and other industries; Bag type medium effect filter is made of microfine synthetic fiber with special process to avoid the harm that may be caused to the human body by the old glass fiber material. The filter material contains anti-static fiber, which is especially good for the filtration of air dust particles. It has the characteristics of large filter area, high exhalation and long service life. (Shanghai SFFILTECH bag air filter manufacturer)

Middle-effectF8 bag air filterhas the characteristics of repeated use after cleaning, so it should be used under the specified air volume conditions, replace the filter once every three to four months, or, when the wind resistance of the filter reaches 400 pascals, also must replace the filter, cleaning filter materials used, must be cleaned, dried and replaced, cleaning times shall not exceed 2 times, Any more than this must be replaced with a new filter. If the filter is used in places with high dust concentration, its service life needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation.

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter.

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