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What are the filter materials of industrial high efficiency air filters?

Time: 2023-06-21

Industrial high efficiency air filters are widely used in electronic optical electronic devices, biotechnology, instrumentation, drinks, food and other manufacturing industries clean and clean workshop air conditioning at the end of the exhaust, so the high efficiency filter is also considered more by customers in all aspects, the high efficiency filter industry generally involves the cleanliness of the relatively high requirements of the industry, so what are the high efficiency filter materials? The high efficiency filter material is simply divided into the outer frame and the filter material. What are the material parts of the high efficiency filter material today? (Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial High efficiency Air Filter)

Industrial high efficiency air filters

1. HEPA filter paper: HEPA filter paper is the core component of high temperature high efficiency air filter, this filter material has a high filtration accuracy,industrial high efficiency air filteris mainly used to capture dust particles and various suspended substances in the air particle size above 0.5 micron, mainly made of ultrafine glass fiber, for the particle size above 0.3 micron impurities, The removal efficiency can also reach about 99%. The dust particles in the air move with the movement of the air flow, when it encounters the HEPA filter, the air flow will pass through the filter, and the dust impurities will be intercepted by the filter. Therefore, this HEPA filter paper is also the most commonly used among high efficiency filters. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial High efficiency Air Filter)

2, activated carbon: activated carbon is a special filter material, although the filtration accuracy is not very high, but can effectively absorb odor or harmful gases in the air. Usually made of materials such as coconut shell, fruit shell or coal after high temperature activation, the activated carbon material will form a complex and dense pore structure inside the activated carbon material, so that it can obtain good adsorption capacity. The activated carbon filter in the high temperature high efficiency air filter will firmly adsorb the harmful gas molecules in the air during the purification process, and then under the attraction of the intermolecular force, more and more harmful gas molecules will enter the filter until the gap structure is filled. Activated carbon high efficiency filter can effectively remove high concentration of acid, alkali and organic compound gases in the air and all kinds of harmful gases in the air. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial High efficiency Air Filter)

Industrial high efficiency air filters

Air filtersare recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters.

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