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What are the common types of air filters in the industry?

Time: 2021-12-21

With the continuous improvement of production technology, there is a higher pursuit of product precision and cleanliness. Therefore, air filters are used in most industrial production. So, what are the common types of air filters in the industry?


In the industrial air filter system, the most common filter combination is primary filter + medium efficiency filter + high efficiency filter.


The primary effect filter mainly filters dust particles ≥5μm. The filter material uses high-quality polyester fiber synthetic fiber, with a fluffy and dense fiber structure, and has the characteristics of long service life, large air volume, and high dust holding capacity. Mainly used in pre-filtration of commercial and industrial ventilation systems and air-conditioning systems.


The medium-efficiency filter, located in the front section of the high-efficiency filter, is mainly used to filter dust particles of 1-5μm. The high-performance non-woven fabric made by hot-melt technology is used as the filter material to avoid the discomfort that the old glass fiber material may cause to the human body. It has the advantages of low resistance and large air volume. Usually, the bag-type medium-efficiency filter is selected in the industrial filtration system because it has an ultra-high dust holding capacity.


High-efficiency filters are divided into high-efficiency filters with partitions and high-efficiency filters without partitions. Both are mainly used to filter particulate dust above 0.3 and various suspended solids, using waterproof ultra-fine glass fiber or PP high-efficiency filter paper as the filter material. It has the characteristics of large dust holding capacity, large filtering area, large air volume, large resistance, high efficiency, humidity resistance up to 100%, long life, light weight, small size, and easy installation. It is widely used in the end filtration of civil or industrial clean places that require high cleanliness in electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food and other industries.


In addition to the above three types of filters, high-temperature resistant filters, activated carbon filters, combined filters, and some filter cottons will also be used in industrial filtration systems. For example, paint resistance cotton, paint filter paper, ceiling cotton and so on are usually used in paint baking rooms.


The above is an introduction to common air filters in filtration systems in the industry. If you want to know more about air filters, you can pay attention to Shanghai Sanfan Industrial Co., Ltd.

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