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What are the characteristics of the plate type primary activated carbon filter?

Time: 2022-08-08

The plate type primary activated carbon filter has good adsorption and killing ability for toxic gases and harmful bacteria in the air, and can effectively remove dust and various harmful odor substances from the air. Plate type primary activated carbon filter is mainly used in air conditioning ventilation system odor and pollution air treatment.

Activated carbon fiber high-temperature filter cloth used in the plate type primary activated carbon: it is made of viscose woven cloth through a special process, high-temperature carbonization and activation. The product has rich microporous and high specific surface area, acid and alkali resistance, less ash, good electrical conductivity and chemical stability; SFILTECH believes that the product not only has excellent adsorption performance, but also has good reduction ability, fast adsorption and desorption, and can be reused many times.

Plateprimary activated carbon filterproduct features.

1. Aluminum frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, etc. can be used, and the thickness can be made according to customer requirements.

2. The filter material adopts high quality activated felt or activated carbon fiber.

3. Good odor elimination effect, easy to use, long life of filter media.

For example, theactivated carbon V-bank filterhas the above advantages.

Application areas: airports, subways, automobiles, electronics plants, nuclear power plants, household and central air conditioning, hospitals, sewage treatment and other occasions.

Tailor-made: according to any demand, we can make tailor-made panel type primary activated carbon filter products for you.

Features of plate type primary activated carbon filter:

Large surface area, well-developed fine pores, high adsorption performance and fast desorption speed. Activated carbon non-woven filter uses.

Widely used in solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, deodorization

deodorizer, catalyst carrier, electrode material, etc.

Plate activated carbon filter characteristics.

1, strong adsorption capacity, good versatility;

2, The outer frame can be dismantled, the structure is strong, easy to replace the filter media, reusable frame.

Plate type primary activated carbon filter uses.

1, used in industrial ventilation system to remove odor (bad smell) and harmful gases in the air;

2, air conditioning ventilation system odor and pollution air treatment;

3, adsorption of harmful gases (such as: stupid, formaldehyde, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, acetone, hydrogen chloride, etc.);

4, volatile organic compounds, acidic and alkaline gases, mercury vapor, radioactive gas adsorption;

5, organic solvent recovery, air purification, sewage treatment, health care, protective clothing, electronics and energy fields and corrosion and high temperature resistant places.

Panel type primary activated carbon filter features.

1, using granular activated carbon after chemical treatment to remove odors and harmful gases in the air;

2, large adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency, reliable performance;

3, easy to install and maintain;

4, the frame material can choose galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate;

5, working conditions.

Working temperature:

SFFILTECH summarizes for you the material of the primary activated carbon filter and the conditions of use.

Outer frame: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet;

Material: galvanized steel, plastic sprayed steel, galvanized steel, galvanized round bar, stainless steel round bar;

Filter media: activated carbon, fiber, foam activated carbon, foamed activated carbon;

Maximum temperature: 100℃;

The highest humidity for use: ≤ 80%;

Seal: flame retardant material;

Special performance of filter material: acid and alkali resistant.

If you like plate primary activated carbon filters, please contact thefilter manufacturer.

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