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What are the characteristics of the panel primary filter?

Time: 2022-08-08

Panel primary filter is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning system, mainly used for filtering dust particles above 5μm. It is mainly used for pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system, pre-filtration of large air compressor, clean air return system, pre-filtration of localhigh efficiency filtration device.

SFFILTECH panel primary filter product features.

1. Using the primary non-woven fabric laid flat in the frame, the filter material is fixed on both sides of the metal mesh.

2. Used to capture particles above 2um, dust and various suspended matters.

3. It has the advantages of easy cleaning and replacement of filter media, high strength, large air volume, low resistance and high dust capacity.

Panel primary filterapplicable environment.

1. Normal use in the environment restricted by environment and large air volume.

2. Used in the primary filtration of air conditioning system and pre-filtration of multi-stage filtration system.

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Panel primary filter disassembly and cleaning method.

1. Open the inhalation grille in the equipment, press and hold the buttons on both sides and pull down gently.

2. Drag the hook on the air filter and pull out the equipment to the bottom.

3. Use a device similar to a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in it, or rinse with warm water.

4. If you encounter too much dust, you can use a soft brush with neutral detergent to clean it. After cleaning, shake the water dry and place it in the shade to dry.

5. Do not use more than 50 ℃ hot water for cleaning, to avoid color loss or deformation of the equipment, and do not dry on the fire.

6. After the cleaning is completed, be sure to install the equipment in time, the installation of the equipment will be hung on the upper part of the inhalation grille protrusion, and then fixed on top of the inhalation grille, the back of the inhalation grille convex handle slowly slide inward, until the entire equipment will be pushed into the grille.

7. The last step is to close the suction grille, which is exactly the opposite of the first step, press and hold the filter signal reset button on the control panel, then the cleaning reminder sign will disappear.

SFFILTECH reminds you that if the Panel primary filter is used in an environment with too much dust, then the number of times of cleaning should be increased according to the situation, generally once every six months is appropriate.

If you like our panel filter products, please contactthe filter manufacturer.

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