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What are the characteristics of the metal frame primary effect plate air filter?

Time: 2022-05-12

Product name: Primary Effect Plate Filter

Specifications: 495*495*46mm



◆Sturdy and detachable outer frame: It adopts a sturdy plate-type aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy corners, and the structure is firm and stable, ensuring that the filter will not be deformed or damaged under poor working conditions. The outer frame adopts a detachable design, which is convenient for Replace the filter media for the purpose of reusing the frame.

◆Light plate structure, high-quality polyester synthetic fiber filter material, low initial resistance and good fire resistance.

◆The reinforcing ribs of the filter net further enhance the sturdiness of the filter. At the same time, the balanced spacing and double reinforcing rib design ensure that the filter mesh is pleated with equal height, so that the filter can achieve the maximum dust holding capacity with the least resistance.

◆The filter material is made of high-quality polyester synthetic fiber, which can be washed and reused for many times, and has a long service life. The fluffy and gradually dense fiber structure ensures a high dust collection rate and a large dust holding capacity, and effectively prolongs the rear end of the filter. service life of the filter.

◆There are 1-inch (20,25,mm), 2-inch (46mm) and 4-inch (96mm) thicknesses to choose from, 1-inch adopts flat structure, 2-inch and 4-inch.

◆All adopt pleated structure.

◆Selectable filter level: G2, G3, G4, F5 (EN779)

◆Primary air filter is suitable for primary filtration of air-conditioning system, mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. The primary filter has three styles: plate type, folding type and bag type. The outer frame materials include paper frame, aluminum profile frame, and galvanized sheet frame. The filter materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh and aluminum rolling mesh, etc.


Related Common-Sense Introduction:

The metal material used as the frame of the primary filter feels quite Chinese. The choice of filter material is theoretically the same as that of the disposable paper frame. The main reason for making the metal frame is that it is durable and cost-effective. Due to the use of metal frame, every time the filter life is reached, only the inner filter element needs to be replaced, thus saving costs. Due to the reasons of structure and cost, non-woven fabrics are generally used in metal frame primary filter factories inWashable Pre-Panel Air Filter factories. But one thing to note is that some users always require filter manufacturers to use filter materials that can be washed. In principle, as long as any filter material is washed with water (including rinsing), its filtration performance will be greatly reduced, so all parameters will deteriorate, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the filter. Even some filter media can be flushed at the cost of a severe reduction in filtration efficiency. Therefore, it is not recommended to sacrifice the filter performance to extend the service life. The correct way to use it is to replace the filter element.

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