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What are the characteristics of synthetic fiber pocket primary filter?

Time: 2022-08-08

Chemical fiber bag type primary filter, also known as primary filter or coarse air filter, is mainly used in the primary filtration section of clean room, mainly for filtering dust particles above 5μm, and is widely used in optical electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biological laboratory, touch screen, precision instruments and other industries, generally used in conjunction with other air purification equipment, such as FFU, air shower room, clean room, etc. The outer frame material of primary air filter can be stainless steel, aluminum frame, galvanized frame, etc.

The main uses of SFFILTECH synthetic fiber pocket primary filter are:

1. Clean return air system.

2. Pre-filtration of localhigh efficiency filtration device.

3. Central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system pre-filtration.

4. large air compressor pre-filtration.

5. A variety of office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, airports and other large civil building ventilation and air conditioning systems, industrial plants of the centralized ventilation system pre-filtration.

Synthetic fiber bag type primary filter material description.

Type:synthetic fiber pocket primary filter.

Filter material: G3, G4 filter cotton.

Filtration efficiency: G1:40%@5.0μm, G2:65%@5.0μm, G3:85%@5.0μm, G4:90%@5.0μm.

Filter frame material: aluminum profile frame, aluminum plate folding frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame.

Protective mesh: plastic sprayed square mesh, plastic sprayed diamond mesh, galvanized square mesh, galvanized iron wire or stainless steel iron wire

Filtration size: according to customer requirements, aluminum profile thickness: 21mm, 25mm, 46mm.

Synthetic fiber pocket primary filter product features:

1. Adopt new composite non-woven fabric and imported synthetic fiber plus covered reinforced molding filter media.

2. Bag shape, with a variety of metal frame, mainly blocking large particles of dust particles.

3. Has passed the third-party authority VTT test.

4. With the advantages of large filtration area, large dust capacity, low resistance, etc.

Applicable places: Suitable for environments with relatively low air requirements, ideal configuration for air conditioning systems.

Intimate customization: according to any demand, tailor-made intimate products for you.

SFFILTECH reminds you that the synthetic fiber pocket primary filter needs to be replaced regularly.

Under normal conditions, the primary air filter needs to be replaced once in 2 to 3 months; or when the resistance of the filter reaches 250Pa or more, the filter must be replaced with a new one; if the primary air filter uses washable media, it can be rinsed with clean water or a solution containing neutral detergent, cooled and dried, and then replaced, but it can only be cleaned two or three times at most, after which it can only be replaced with a new one. can only be replaced by a new one. If you like medium efficiency filter please contact thefilter manufacturer.

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