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What are the characteristics of air filter fabrics?

Time: 2022-03-05

Chemical Fiber Non-Woven Filter Material:

Commonly known as non-woven fabric, scientific name polyester fiber. It is processed by multiple processes such as melt-blown, hot-melt, spunbond, acupuncture, spunlace and other processes.

Advantages: High quality stability, large dust holding capacity, good moisture resistance, long service life, built to last.

Disadvantage: The resistance is too large.

Application: Widely used in coarse and medium efficiency plate and bag filters; composite non-woven

Cloth can also be used for medium and even sub-high efficiency filters.


Synthetic Fiber Filter (F5-F9 Medium Efficiency Pocket Bag Air Filter Roll Media)

Synthetic fiber is an emerging filter material. Compared with other filter materials, it has the advantages of low resistance, low weight, large dust holding capacity, and environmental protection.

It can be applied to filtration products such as coarse-efficiency, medium-efficiency, medium-efficiency, and sub-efficiency, and is the development direction of filter materials in the future. However, because it is mainly imported and the price is high, the use and promotion are limited to a certain extent.


Activated Carbon Fiber Filter:

Activated carbon fiber filter material is carbon fiber by carbonizing the matrix fiber at high temperature through special processing technology; or activated carbon felt by attaching the fine particles of activated carbon to the non-woven body. Mainly used to remove odors or other harmful gases in the air.

Advantages: Large specific surface area, high adsorption efficiency, economical and practical, desorption regeneration, etc.

Disadvantages: Generally, it cannot be used alone, and must be used in conjunction with a coarse- or medium-efficiency filter.


Long Fiber Filter Media:

Long fiber filter material is mainly used in special occasions such as spray workshop, non-woven fabrics, synthetic fibers, glass fibers, etc. all have long fibers.

Advantages: Large dust holding capacity, high capture rate, low resistance, easy replacement, etc.

Disadvantages: Low efficiency. Application: Mainly used to filter particles above 10um


Glass Fiber Filter Media:

Glass fiber filter material is produced by various glass fibers with different thickness and length through special processing technology.

Advantages: High temperature resistance, high efficiency, large dust holding capacity, low resistance, good stability, long life, etc.

Disadvantages: High price, not conducive to environmental protection.


Cotton Fiber Filter:

Cotton fiber filter material is a new type of filter material composed of chemical fiber and cotton fiber.


Advantages: Small resistance, large dust holding capacity, small weight, stable performance, economical and environmental protection.

Disadvantages: Shorter lifespan and higher price.

Application: Mainly used for coarse-effect plate filter.

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