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What are the characteristics of activated carbon filter?

Time: 2023-04-14

Activated carbon air filter is a better kind of filtration equipment, using activated carbon as filter material, activated carbon is activated carbon, its principle is to use its adsorption, has a good filtration effect, compared with other materials filter, also has high efficiency, low maintenance costs, easy to clean and replace, one-time input, small head loss, The inlet water quality requirements are relatively loose, the outlet water should be stable, but also easy to expand, occupy a relatively small area, beautiful appearance. Widely used in various fields, it can meet the requirements of the hydraulic system for filtration accuracy, and can prevent certain impurities from entering the system. The filter element has enough strength and will not be damaged because of high pressure. (Shanghai activated carbon air filter manufacturer)
The main factors affecting the adsorption ofactivated carbon air filterhave such a few points: 1, depending on the nature of activated carbon adsorbent, generally speaking, the larger the surface area, its adsorption capacity is stronger, because activated carbon is non-polar molecules, easy adsorption of non-polar or very low polarity material, adsorption particle size, fine pore, distribution, surface chemical properties will also have a great impact on adsorption; 2, the nature of the adsorption medium, which mainly depends on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, concentration, etc.; 3, the PH value of the medium, the general activated carbon in the acidic environment than in the alkaline environment has a relatively high adsorption rate, PH value will have a great impact on the state of the adsorption medium in the solution and solubility, thus affecting the adsorption effect; In general, the impact of activated carbon adsorption is mainly activated carbon with the filter medium, as well as the type and concentration of pollutants, air retention time in the filter material, air temperature and humidity, these factors have a greater impact. (Shanghai activated carbon air filter manufacturer)
In order to avoid the activated carbon air filter is affected, when filtering or selective filtration, such as large concentration, thick liquid do not filter, there is a strong alkaline solution, because alkaline solution will affect the effect of activated carbon adsorption. It is important to note here that a coarse filter is installed before the activated carbon filter, the high pressure oil filter is installed at the oil outlet, the low pressure oil filter is installed on the circuit, and the bypass filter system can be installed outside the system.Activated carbon filterin use for a period of time, will reach saturation state, at this time to replace the activated carbon, or through other technology to restore the function. (Shanghai activated carbon air filter manufacturer)

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