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What are the characteristics of U15 Panel Hepa filters?

Time: 2022-08-15

There are two main types of U15 panel hepa filters and U16 Panel hepa filters. The U15 panel hepa filter filters can meet the severe demands of today’s air purification on various space and weight and energy consumption. With high efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity, these products are widely used in industrial clean rooms such as semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display, precision machinery, surface coating, aerospace, etc. to ensure the normal operation of production processes and improve the yield of finished products.

SFFILTECH U15 panel hepa filter filters are used in biological clean rooms such as pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, biological engineering, experimental animal feeding, etc. to create a sterile environment.

U15 panel hepa filter structure.

Outer frame: aluminum profile, surface anodized

Filtration efficiency: 99.9995%-99.999995% (U15, U16) MPPS

Filter media separation: hot melt adhesive

Filter media: glass fiber filter paper MPPS = most permeable particle size

Sealant: polyurethane continuous operation temperature: ≤ 70°C

Gasket: Polyurethane/closed cell neoprene compression strip

Moisture resistance: ≤ 100% RH

Protective net: steel net sprayed with plastic, white RAL9016

Inlet and outlet air surfaces have metal protective mesh. .

Professional manufacturing technology to ensure uniform airflow, low resistance and long life.

Aluminum profile outer frame, surface anodized treatment.

Inlet/outlet side with metal mesh guard.

Available in 69mm, 80mm, 90mm, 96mm and other thicknesses.

Product features ofU15 panel hepa filterwithout partitions.

1. Imported American HV filter media, with high humidity resistance, high efficiency and low resistance and large dust capacity.

2. Aluminum profile outer frame with anodized surface treatment, inlet and outlet air surface with sprayed metal protection network to protect the filter element from being damaged.

3. Unique seamless sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, not easy to leak.

The advantages are summarized as follows: beautiful appearance, solid structure, seamless sealing technology, easy replacement and installation.

Application areas of SFFILTECH U15 panel hepa filter filter: chip factory and class 101 clean plant and other working environments with high cleanliness requirements.

1. Regularly test the air volume and other environmental parameters in the clean area every year, and test the high efficiency at the same time of measurement.

2. Mainly detect the air speed, final resistance and leakage rate.

3. When the air volume of thehigh efficiency air filterdrops to 75% of the rated air volume, the high efficiency needs to be replaced.

4. When the final resistance is 2 times of the initial resistance, it needs to be replaced. 5. When the air speed is lower than 0.35m/s, it needs to be replaced.

6.DOP pao and other items that our company can not self-test can be tested outside.

We also have other high efficiency air filter products, such asV-type filter. If you need a product, please contact our high efficiency air filter manufacturer.

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