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What are the applications of air filters in various industries?

Time: 2022-05-16

Medium-efficiency filter air filters are widely used in household central air-conditioning exhaust systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronic devices, food and other industrial production cleaning, medium-efficiency filter air filters can also be used as high-efficiency air filters. Front-end development filters to reduce the load on the high efficiency air filter and increase its lifespan. Today, the key is to introduce the manufacturing industry of the medium-efficiency filter air filter and how to help you save assets.


Medium-efficiency filter air filters are generally used in central air-conditioning exhaust systems, hospitals, food and other industrial production cleaning. With the development of science and technology, the use of medium-efficiency filter air filters has become very popular. What is the actual effect of medium-efficiency filter filtering?


At this stage, the clean rooms of the pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries, according to the regulations on the production process, some of the clean rooms have low cleaning regulations, only the cleanliness level is 9, that is, 300,000-1 million. The solution company adopts a three-stage filtration device, which technically must meet the requirements of the design plan, but it increases the redundant project investment and expands the operation cost.


This kind of inaccuracy under normal circumstances appeared in the construction drawings. First, the design staff did not understand the basic concept of the static data characteristics of non-unilateral flow (vortex) clean rooms; “It is expressly stipulated that the air filtration system software of more than 100,000 grades (8 grades) should use the secondary filtration device of course and medium-efficiency filters.


The filtration efficiency of the medium-efficiency filter air filter has a wide range, and the high efficiency of the air dust count for the particle size of 1.0 μm is 20%-70%. In order to ensure the actual cleaning effect of the secondary filter purification equipment, the medium-efficiency filter mostly adopts the high-efficiency filter, and the high-efficiency rate of the air dust count with the particle size of 1.0pm is 70%-90%. The filter materials of high and medium efficiency filters are mostly made of materials such as non-proof cloth or glass fiber mat.


After the Class 1000 clean room adopts the secondary (coarse and medium-efficiency filter) filtration device, not only the rated power of the centrifugal fan motor is reduced by 200-500Pa, but also the positive pressure air supply port of the high-efficiency external diffusion packing is cancelled and the use of positive pressure air outlets of general air-conditioning units reduces the project budget.


Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable air filter. At this stage, the pharmaceutical, skin care products and other manufacturing industries can use a medium-efficiency filter air filter. Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial Co., Ltd. is a mature manufacturer of filtration products and air filters in China. (Manufacturer of Medium pocket filter synthetic fiber Bag filter) SFFILTECH, as one of the most active forces in the purification and filtration market, participates in and is independent in the domestic and foreign markets where global manufacturers compete. In the course of years of development, it has been recognized by customers.

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