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What are the application industries of medium efficiency filters?

Time: 2022-03-07

The scope of application of medium-efficiency filters is mainly in the fields of electronic devices, semiconductor materials, precision machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, food and other fields. It can also be used as a front filter for high-efficiency filtration to reduce the burden of high-efficiency filtration and increase the service life of high-efficiency filters; because the bag-type medium-efficiency filter has a large windward side, it has large dust holding capacity and small wind resistance, which is considered to be the current stage. The best mid-efficiency filter construction.

If you want to increase the service life of the high-efficiency filter, the most fundamental and easy way is to keep the dust out of the pre-filter. In other words, it is ensured that the high-efficiency filter handles the gas that has been filtered by the pre-filter, primary filter, and medium-efficiency filter. At this time, the gas should meet the specifications of 99.95% of fine particles and low environmental pollution.

Replacing the pre-filter generally does not require downtime or termination of all other normal work planning and assignments. After installation, there is no need to adjust to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner and fresh air equipment. Therefore, customers with work experience will focus on pre-filters. For high-to-width ratio clean areas such as 1000-level and 100,000-level purification workshops or clinics, F8 filtration (95% enzyme activity determination) can be used for pre-filtration. In this way, the service life of the high-efficiency filter at the end can generally be longer. The new foreign projects are in the new projects of Sino-China. The F8 filter is a pre-filter that is common in non-uniform flow cleanrooms. For other purification workshops of 100, 10 or higher quality in chip factories, the general high efficiency level of pre-filters is H10 (MPPS 85%), and many new projects simply use HEPA (high filtration efficiency for 0.37m particles ≥ 99.97%). In the previous design scheme of clean room air conditioners in China, the filters are generally equipped as follows: initial effect → medium effect filter → high efficiency. At that time, the service life of the high-efficiency filter at the end was only a few months. It can be seen that the efficiency of the pre-filtered filter affects the service life of the high-efficiency filter.

In some cases, the requirements for theapplication of high-efficiency filtersare not due to the consideration of frictional resistance, but a secondary factor. If there is hydrochloric acid in the industrial plant, and the air conditioner in the workshop is not a fresh air system, the glass of the high-efficiency filter Fiber filter paper will be corroded. For better safety, the high-efficiency filter must be replaced on time. At this stage, some tertiary A-level hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in China will actively disassemble and replace high-efficiency filters every year after heavy rain. The key purpose is to avoid all possible environmental pollution of Aspergillus flavus on the filters. There are some laboratories in my country’s tertiary first-class hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories that deal with dangerous substances. Before conducting a new research project, in order to better ensure reliability, they will apply new high efficiency filter.

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