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What are the air filter materials?

Time: 2022-10-14

Air filter material – what is air filter

The air cleaner is mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery, internal combustion machinery, etc. Its function is to provide clean air for these mechanical equipment, so as to prevent these mechanical equipment from increasing the probability of abrasion and damage by inhaling air with foreign particles during work. The main components of the air filter are the filter element and the housing. The filter element is the main filtering part, which undertakes the gas filtering work, while the housing is the external structure that provides the necessary protection for the filter element. The working requirement of the air filter is to be able to undertake the high efficiency air filtering work, not increase too much resistance for the air flow, and can work continuously for a long time.

Airfilter material– HEPA filter paper

HEPA grade filter paper is the filter screen of the most common air filter at present. It can purify particles of more than 0.3 microns, with a removal effect of 99.7%. Especially for pm2.5, the effect is more obvious, and it is a filter highly recognized by consumers. However, if you want to maximize the energy efficiency of HEPA gradefilter paper, you need to pay special attention to the grade and standard of HEPA grade filter paper, because the specification and grade of HEPA grade filter paper (hepa filter material)will be affected by many factors such as the design of the purifier itself and the air flow. If the air purifier is produced by a poor manufacturer, although it uses HEPA grade filter paper, the design of the outer layer of the purifier is unreasonable and the material is poor, It will cause leakage at the edge of filter material and affect the filtering effect of HEPA grade filter paper filter screen.

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