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What are the advantages of paper partition high efficiency filter-13/H14 high efficiency air filter?

Time: 2021-12-15

The paper partition high-efficiency filter is mainly used to filter dust particles above 0.3um, as the end filter of various filter systems. The filtration range of paper partition high-efficiency filters is H10-U16, among which H13 and above are high-efficiency filters, and there are common intermediate or sub-high-efficiency filters for ventilation in the form of partitions. The representative specifications of the separator filter are 484X484X220, 320X320X220, 610X610X220 etc.


The characteristics of the paper partition high-efficiency filter produced by our company:

Using professional folding equipment to fold, the folds are flat and even, and the workmanship is fine and beautiful. Special glass fiber filter paper is used as the filter material of the paper partition high efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is very high, and the secondary pollution is almost zero. We use the company’s special aluminum foil or offset paper as spacers, so that the air is evenly distributed and the wind speed is uniform to achieve high-efficiency filtration;


The company has passed IS09001-2008 certification, and each high-efficiency filter produced is tested in strict accordance with national standards with professional testing equipment to ensure that the factory air filter products are 100% qualified. The quality of the paper partition high efficiency filter is strictly controlled in terms of material selection and production. The HS partition air filter delivered from the factory has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, large dust holding capacity, and high temperature resistance.


General Characteristics of Paper Partition High Efficiency Filter

The paper partition high-efficiency filter uses a partition design. The corrugated partition can accurately maintain the spacing between this layer and maximize the use of the filter material with minimal resistance. The filter material is folded over 180 folds on both sides to form a tapered pleated layer.  When the filter material is bent, there are two indentations to make it form a box-shaped pleat layer at the end of the partition, which can prevent the filter material from being damaged. In a corrosive environment, you can use the vinyl-plated aluminum partition to capture 0.3M particle efficiency 99.99%.


Two Sealing Structures of Gasket Type and Liquid Tank Type are Selected

Laser scanning counting one by one MPPS efficiency: 95%↵99.5%99.95%99.995%

Filtration efficiency grade: H11.H12.H13.H14 (EN1822)


The Material and Operating Conditions of the Paper Partition High-Efficiency Filter

Frame Material:Sandwich wood/stainless steel plate/galvanized steel plate/aluminum alloy plate, etc.

Sealant:Polyurethane glue

Separator:Rubberized paper or aluminum foil

Filter Material:Glass fiber filter paper

Paper Partition High Efficiency Filter Application:

Paper Partition high-efficiency filters are widely used in the end filtration of civil or industrial clean plants that require high cleanliness in electronics factories, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food and other industries. The replacement cycle of pharmaceutical factories, electronics factories, and hospitals is generally 1-2 years, depending on the specific situation.

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