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What are the advantages of gas turbine power generation?

Time: 2023-05-20

Under the background of carbon neutrality, the energy industry is developing towards diversification and green environmental protection. Gas power generation makes full use of various types of natural gas or combustible gas as fuel for power generation. It is not only safe and convenient to operate, but also can turn waste into treasure.

Our country is rich in natural gas resources, restricted by natural gas supply and gas turbine technology bottlenecks, natural gas power generation is still in a slow development stage. As a distributed energy station, natural gas power generation brings convenient power and heat supply to oil fields, gas fields, industrial areas, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Gas turbine power A substance in the air that needs to be controlled

In the production of gas turbine power generation, a large amount of air is needed, which usually contains dust, sand and moisture. In coastal or offshore areas, salt spray particles are also included. If these fine particles and pollutants directly enter the gas turbine filtration system, they will gradually corrode the turbine blades made of special alloys and coatings, causing fatal injuries, or even leading to the abandonment of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the gas turbine generated air. (Shanghai V-type air filter manufacturer)

Gas turbine air filtration system, with a plurality of filtration segments, the system includes array modular installation frame, water and gas separation filtration, initial filtration, intermediate filtration, high efficiency air filter “w” high efficiency air filter”v “high efficiency air filtertype and so on, for large gas turbines to provide higher requirements of air purification needs, to meet the needs of more and more fine particles material purification, Provide greater air volume. (Shanghai V-type air filter manufacturer)

Among them, the installation frame structure is strong, not only can withstand large air volume, but also good air tightness between the frame, no leakage point, air will not bypass the filter into the gas turbine internal and cause equipment damage.

Among them, SFFILTECH hydrophobic filter can further separate the air after the filter of waterproof louvers. The hydrophobic air filter has low resistance and large ventilation capacity. (Shanghai V-type air filter manufacturer)

Among them, SFFILTECH gas turbine filter can capture fine particulate matter, salt spray particles and other harmful substances in the atmosphere. The filter is designed in an integrated way, using ABS material, without metal components, with anti-cracking, anti-spalling, anti-fragmentation and anti-wear characteristics. The risk of rust can be avoided when applied in high humidity area and natural gas hydrogen sulfide area. At the same time, it can also easily cope with sulfur dioxide emissions from vehicles or other generating units, as well as chloride and sulfate emissions, acid rain water caused by rust hazards. Filtration efficiency up to 99.95@0.3um

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