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What are the advantages of a W-type air filter?

Time: 2022-06-09

The W-type filter is designed with a V-type structure, also known as a V-BANK-type filter. Because it adopts a V-type structure, it is also called a V-type filter. Commonly there are 5V filters and 4V filters. The V-shaped structure design increases the filter area within the same unit area, which is a good choice for the working conditions where the air passage space is narrow and priority is given. While the area for filtering air is increased, the ventilation volume and dust holding capacity are also increased, and the service life of the filter screen is longer. Therefore, the W-type heap filter has good dust holding and filtering functions.


According to the filtration grade, it can be divided into V-type medium-efficiency filter V-type, high-efficiency air filter; according to the filter material, it can be divided into ultra-fine glass fiber V-type filter, synthetic fiber V-type filter, water-resistant glass fiber V-type filter Type filter, with stable filtration efficiency; according to the structure can be divided into 3V filter, 4V medium efficiency filter, 4V high efficiency filter, 5V high efficiency filter; the main frame is ABS injection molding or metal frame, equipped with installation The handrail design and the side guard net design make the installation more convenient and the protection more thoughtful, and the flange frame can also be selected.


The main filter material can also use ion exchange media, impregnated activated carbon dense pleated filter material for acid-base gas and VOC gas, and use refillable activated carbon particles to make W-type densely pleated molecular filter or W-type filled activated carbon Particulate filters, both of which can be used as special filters for Voc exhaust gas treatment and purification of chemical pollutants in air conditioning systems. They can be used under normal air volume of air conditioning boxes, or large air volumes can pass through such filters. The outer frame of these filters is mostly made of ABS engineering plastics. The filter discarded after use is conducive to incineration and environmental protection.


Regular size: 592x287mm, 592x592mm (WxH); V-shaped depth: 295mm.

Application field: suitable for the main filter of air supply system, widely used in clean room, semiconductor industry, biomedicine, biological breeding, air filtration of special equipment, commercial buildings, air conditioning boxes, etc.


According to the requirements of GB/13554-2020, “high-efficiency air filter manufacturersshould conduct leak detection experiments one by one, and there should be no leakage. Ultra-high air-efficiency filters should be tested one by one by scanning method. There should be a leak.”

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