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The role played by the filter cotton in the filter and maintenance

Time: 2022-06-23

Speaking of filter cotton, as another important component of the filter, also has a vital role, it is known that the scope of application of filter cotton is relatively, filter cotton according to the different materials filter media is divided into four types – activated carbon filter cotton, synthetic fiber filter cotton and glass fiber filter cotton.


We are activated carbon filter cotton, synthetic fiber filter cotton andglass fiber filter cotton manufacturer. Usually referred to the filter cotton generally refers to air filter cotton. As the air contains a large number of dust particles and other harmful substances that are not easily detected, the weight of these dust particles is very light and easy to be ignored.


So, when the flow of air acting on these dust particles, the weight of the dust particles themselves will be offset, generally only in relatively closed space, the air is relatively static dust will fall to the ground in the role of the earth’s gravity, with air filter cotton will be able to filter this dust. This is why the doors and windows closed room in the case of uninhabited land, after a period of time furniture and the floor will see – a thick layer of dust reason.


In fact, the amount of dust in the air is related to many objective factors, such as seasonal changes, weather conditions, mineral extraction, industrial production, land sanding, soil erosion and environmental pollution. Dust has a significant impact on the production, on the environment, on the human body, on the quality of products and on the beauty of the natural scenery and on the state balance. Therefore, to rely on filter cotton filter.


If the dust in the air falls on the rotating parts of the machine, it will reduce the precision and life of the machine, and also accelerate the wear and tear of the rotating parts, dust diffusion in the workshop can also reduce the visibility, affect the vision and hinder the operation, reduce labor productivity, and even cause accidents.


Filter cotton in the filter has its indispensable position, because many industrial productions must be carried out in a relatively clean space, these environments need to flow the air, but cannot have dust, so it is necessary to use filter cotton to filter out the dust, it is because of this requirement, only let the clean air in a relatively closed space to circulate up, so as to achieve the needs of production and operation. In order to ensure product quality assurance, note that after a long time using the filter cotton do not ignore the cleaning and maintenance of the filter cotton.

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