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The primary air filter can be used in repeated washing cycle?

Time: 2023-03-10

What is commonly used air filter?

Conventional primary effect air filter is made of pleated filter paper, pleated fiber filter cotton and other filter materials as the lining filter element, using cardboard, aluminum, galvanized sheet and other frame made of disposable filter, used to intercept particle size from 0.1μm to 10μm dust, the initial effect as an example, filtration efficiency in G1~G4. The main uses are: central air conditioning and central ventilation system prefiltration, local high efficiency filtration device prefiltration, clean return air system filtration, large air compressor prefiltration, VOC waste gas treatment filter and so on.(Manufacturer of washable air filters)

Why can’t conventional filters be washed in water

Conventional filters have established filtration efficiency and operation resistance, especially in the medium andhigh efficiency air filterafter washing, paper filter element will produce visible or not perceptible damage, filter cotton will compress and stick without fluffy effect, washing lost the quality of the filter, so the medium and high efficiency filter after washing can not be used. The primary filter is mostly made of needled cotton or blended materials. Washing will also cause the strapping and breakage of the filter cotton and cloth. Moreover, the resistance of the primary filter after washing will increase significantly, which increases the energy consumption of the fan. In the GB/T 14259-2019 air filter national standard has the relevant provisions of washing (as shown below) : “The efficiency of the washable air filter after cleaning should not be less than 85% of the efficiency before cleaning, resistance should be greater than 150% of the resistance before cleaning.” Usually the final resistance is usually 2-2.5 times the initial resistance, plus the washing equipment, materials, labor and other comprehensive costs, so washing is not an economic option, but also bear the risk of downstream leakage due to damage. Therefore, it is not recommended to use conventional filter water.(Manufacturer of washable air filters)

The primary air filter can be used in repeated washing cycle

What is a reusable primary air filter?

Nylon mesh filter is a common washing filter at present, but because of the characteristics of nylon plasticity is small, so the current products are mostly hovering in G1~G2 efficiency, and not high temperature resistance.

Metal mesh filter is also known as washable first effect air filter(washable air filter), using multi-layer wave type, mesh type metal mesh as filter material, multi-layer overlapping production, efficiency can reach G3, G4, optional full SS304 material, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can withstand 250-300℃ high temperature. In maintenance, can be used high pressure water gun, air gun cleaning, cleaning and drying efficiency close to the original product, resistance and the original product convergence, can easily realize washing cycle use, conventional working life in more than 10 years, than the existing nylon mesh filter has more advantages.

The primary air filter can be used for repeated washing cycle because of its environmental protection characteristics, reduce the comprehensive cost, in the future will certainly be promising

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