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The application of air filter in painting shop?

Time: 2023-04-08

The air filter of ordinary industrial dust-free workshop selects the primary, middle and high efficiency three-stage filtration (according to the size of the filter fiber particle size, some are also called coarse filter and high efficiency filter) and the return air system to reach our request of 1K-100Kclass clean request, the primary effect of the dust-free workshop commonly selects G4 pre-filter, medium effect F7 or F8 maintenance level, The 100 and 10class environmental ordinary designers with higher requirements first add a level of high efficiency in the rear section of the air conditioning cabinet (or choose the sub-high efficiency with greater air volume and the efficiency with partition HEPA or high air volume efficiency), so that the maintenance of the end of the dust-free workshop without partition high efficiency or super high efficiency will be better and the life will be longer. And theair filter hepa boxin the ordinary purified air conditioning combination cabinet is relatively easy to change, and the efficient or FFU replacement in the ceiling air supply outlet of the end dust-free workshop is not so easy, time-consuming and laborious more likely to form a long time to stop production, so plus a high efficiency may ensure the safe and lasting operation of the dust-free workshop; (Shanghai SFFILTECH Air Filter manufacturer)

The painting workshop generally adopts a clean workshop of 300,000 to 10,000 grade. If the workshop is not clean enough and 10um dust is mixed with the paint layer, human eyes can see the concealer formed by the dust. In order to ensure the paint quality of the exterior of the car, the painting shop (paint shop) of the automobile factory uses a large number ofair filtersto remove the dust in the air of the painting and baking consumption line.

And the air filter as a car spraying dust-free workshop air disposal system central component, dust-free workshop basically is to rely on its filtration of atmospheric dust and reach the “clean”. On the ordinary ventilation and air conditioning environment, it is also by filtering dust to reach our requirements of clean air. Improper use of air filter not only forms the destruction of the air disposal system itself, but also may form the deterioration of the workshop environment and affect the normal consumption and destruction of products; (Shanghai Air Filter manufacturer)

With the application of air filter: general ventilation with central air conditioning to choose the primary effect, medium effect two-stage air filter, the use of F7 more efficient air filter “air duct system can not be cleaned for 10 years”, so in order to not time-consuming and laborious production stop work to stop air duct cleaning, smart business owners or businesses choose F7 more than air filter to prevent the annual stop of air duct cleaning.

The main air filter of the paint line is located in the static and static chamber above the filter top cotton, or in the air disposal unit. The main air filter generally adopts ordinary bag filter, and its efficiency specification is F5 ~ F8 (depending on the grade of coating product). The cleaning degree of the painting environment is determined by the main filter of this level, rather than the layer of filter cotton closest to the painting tunnel. If the dust content of outdoor air is large, there should be a pre-filter before the main filter. (Shanghai Air Filter manufacturer)

Because in recent years, the new automobile factory painting workshop is imported consumption line or imitation imported consumption line, so the bag air filter is mostly 592×592mm (nominal size 24 “×24”) general specifications. (Shanghai Air Filter manufacturer)

With the air filter this powerful barrier, from the source to eliminate the dust pollution of the car surface paint layer, is the current automobile manufacturers internal dust-free coating necessary equipment.

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