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Technical characteristics of V-type and W-type combined high efficiency filter?

Time: 2023-03-10

V type, W type combined high efficiency filter

Type V and Type W arehigh efficiency air filters(HEPA) with large loads, suitable for constant and variable air flow systems. The HV filter consists of a V-shaped W-shaped structure composed of a plurality of non-clapboard filter elements, which are installed in the plastic-sprayed galvanized steel plate or ABS filter material box. Compared with the ordinary filter, this structure greatly increases the amount of filter material, in the existing system installation, the larger filter material area to ensure the low pressure loss, thus reducing energy consumption, save the operation cost.

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V-w type combined high efficiency filterhas the following characteristics:

1. Large dust capacity, no partition design

2. Strong construction to ensure good performance under turbulence conditions

3. High air volume type, large filtration area

* Specifications :24″ x12″ x12″*4V; 20″*20″*12″*4V 24″*20″*12″ *4V ; 24″*24″*12″*4V(595*595*295)

* Efficiency: 65%,85%,95%,99.97%,99.99%

* The outer frame has plastic frame, galvanized frame for your choice.

* The bidirectional filter can be adapted to the design of front or opposite mounting. Long screen life, reduce replacement and maintenance costs. This filter is suitable for hospital operating room/semiconductor factory/microelectronics factory/pharmaceutical factory and any other place where strict air pollution control is required.

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