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Shanghai paper frame primary filter manufacturer

Time: 2023-02-11

Application: Filter more than 5um air dust particles.

Class Type: Folding type.

Conventional size: Folding: 595*595*46 (customizable).

Filter material: primary filter cotton.

Frame material: paper frame

Filtering efficiency: G3, G4.

Filter features: moisture resistance 100% man-made fiber filter material, the outer frame is made of strong, moisture-proof cardboard frame. It will not deform, crack or twist under normal operating conditions. In addition, the filter material is fixed diagonally before and after the frame. The filter material is closely bonded to the outer frame to prevent any air leakage.(G3 G4 Cardboard FramePleated Type Pre air filter)

The outer frame of paper frame initial effect filter adopts moisture-proof and water-resistant wood fiber board, light weight, easy installation, clean and beautiful appearance; The internal filter material adopts the combination of the inner frame pressing design or bonding technology, the tightness of the filter, prevent leakage; Internal metal parts by spraying plastic or galvanized treatment to prevent rust metal parts. Non-woven filter media outlet surface after polishing treatment to prevent non-woven fibers from breaking and flying caused by secondary pollution; Metal frame product filter material is easy to disassemble, can be cleaned, frame can be reused, can save air conditioning operation costs; The filter has low initial resistance and large dust capacity; (paper frame primary filter manufacturer)

The filter material is loaded into the high strength cardboard in the form of folding. The windward area increases, and the dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked between folding and folding by the filter material. Clean air flows out evenly from the other side. So the flow of air through the filter is smooth and uniform. According to the filter media is different. The size of the particles it intercepts varies from 0.5um to 5um. Filtration efficiency is also different.

(Paper frame primary filter) Primary paper frame filter can not be washed with water

Paper frame primary filter structure: The outer frame of disposable paper frame filter is generally divided into general cardboard frame and high strength feel cut cardboard, and the filter element is pleated fiber filter material lined with a single side of metal mesh. Beautiful in appearance. The structure is strong and durable. General cardboard frame for the manufacture of non-standard specifications of the filter, can be used for any specifications of the filter production, high strength, not deformation. High strength cardboard is used to manufacture filters of standard specifications, characterized by high precision specifications, aesthetics and low cost. If the imported surface fiber or synthetic fiber filter material, its performance indicators can reach or exceed the imported filter similar products.

Paper frame primary filter media:

The filter material is folded into the high strength cardboard, and the windward area increases. Dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked between pleats by filter materials. Clean air flows out evenly from the other side, so the air flow through the filter is smooth and even. Depending on the filter material, the particle size it blocks ranges from 0. The filtration efficiency varies from 5μm to 5μm

Filter material according to customer needs, using non-woven fabric, fluffy glass fiber felt, plastic mesh or wire mesh. * Commonly used is non-woven fabric, glass fiber. The efficiency can reach the primary or intermediate effect. (Paper frame primary filter) Primary paper frame filter can not be washed with water

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