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Shanghai efficient air supply manufacturers explain 500 air volume 1000 air volume 1500 air volume difference?

Time: 2023-02-17

500 air volume, 1000 air volume, 1500 air volume, 2000 air volume, 3000 air volume high efficiency air supply port is different, their difference in air volume size problem and filter.

500 air efficient air supply port

High efficiency air supply outlet, also calledhigh efficiency air filtersupply outlet, is an essential purification equipment at the end of clean room. It is divided into a variety of different types of high efficiency air supply outlet according to its structure.

500 air high efficiency air supply outlet with high efficiency filter: efficiency 99.99%@0.3um, glass fiber filter paper, initial resistance: 140pa. (Shanghai high efficiency Filter manufacturer)

1000 air efficient air supply port

1000 air high efficiency air supply outlet filter speed refers to the filter material area through the airflow speed, generally expressed in L/cm2.min or cm/s. Filter speed reflects the filter material through capacity, reflect the filter material filtration performance. Low filtration rate, generally can obtain higher efficiency. Allow through the filter speed is low, the filter material resistance is larger. (Shanghai high efficiency Filter manufacturer)

1500 air volume of efficient air supply outlet is subject to the wind speed at the designed air outlet; Tuyere cross-sectional area. Design wind speed x tuyere cross-sectional area = air volume.

1500 air efficient air supply port

It has better filtration performance and is connected with the air duct. It is used for laminar and non-laminar flow grade 100000 to 10 clean rooms.

High efficiency air supply port with 2000 air volume

3000 air efficient air outlet, is the ideal part of clean environment. The efficient air outlet is designed with the latest technology in Japan, so that the air distribution is more reasonable, the box structure is more simple and reliable, is used for the transformation and construction of 1000 ~ 300000 grade clean room terminal filter device, is the key equipment to meet the requirements of purification. (Shanghai high efficiency Filter manufacturer)

3000 air efficient air supply port

High efficiency air supply port is also called high efficiency filter air supply port. The high efficiency air supply outlet is the ideal terminal filtration device for thousands, thousands and 100,000 level purification air conditioning system, which can be widely used in the purification air conditioning system of medicine, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The high efficiency air supply outlet is used as the terminal filtration device for the renovation and construction of 1000-300000 grade clean rooms, which is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The air supply port of the high efficiency filter includes a static pressure box, a diffuser plate, a high efficiency filter, and the interface of the air duct can be top connection or side connection.

High efficiency air supply port is composed of high efficiency filter and air supply port, it also includes diffuser plate, pressure frame and other components, the air supply port said here is not louvered air supply port, but by cold rolled steel plate, sprayed or painted surface, the welding on the ring, screw and nut (for pressinghigh efficiency filter), air intake flange, The static pressure box is also equipped with thermal insulation materials. Hepa filter with conventional size and air volume depends on the size of the HEPA filter inside. Usually, there are three specifications: 500M3/H, 1000M3/H, 1500M3/H, and internal HEPA filters are 320*320*220. 484*484*220; 610*610*150; 630*630*220 and other high efficiency filter

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