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Shanghai HEPA filter manufacturer

Time: 2022-12-02

G series primary (coarse) efficiency air filter:

Features: low resistance; Large air volume; Use large long life.

Scope of application: Suitable for the primary filtration of air conditioning system.

G series coarse efficiency air filters are divided into eight varieties, respectively: G1, G2, G3, G4, GN (nylon mesh filter), GH (metal mesh filter), GC (activated carbon filter), GT (high temperature resistant coarse efficiency filter).

595*595*21 1220*610*46 610*610*21

Activated carbon rough filter general application: air conditioning and ventilation system odor and pollution air treatment of harmful gases (such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.) adsorption removal solvent recovery, the use of activated carbon felt specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, rapid treatment of all kinds of harmful gases, effective clean air control of odor:

Activated carbon filter: mainly used to remove gas, exhaust smell and smoke, the removal of odor makes the room return air proportion increase, thus reducing the energy loss of heating and cooling. The proportion of carbon tetroxide in activated carbon beachers is more than 63% of carbon. Filters can be used with most manufacturers of the box.

Medium effect air filter

Medium efficiency air filter, mainly used to capture 1-5μm of particulate dust and a variety of suspended matter, widely used in all kinds of air conditioning equipment and air conditioning system, but also used for the intermediate protection of multistage filtration system. This series of products are mainly bag-type structure, frame materials are: aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, can also be made frameless. The filter element material is mainly non-woven fabric.

F series medium effect air filter

1) Function: Capture 1-5um dust particles

2) Type: frameless type and framed bag type

3) Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber

4) Efficiency: 60% ~ 95%1 ~ 5um (colorimetric method)

F-series medium-effect air filters are divided into bag type and non-bag type, among which the bag type includes F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9, while the non-bag type includes FB (plate type medium-effect filter), FS (clapboard type medium-effect filter) and FV (combined medium-effect filter).

Medium filter is mainly used in central air conditioning and central air supply system. It can be used for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system to protect the next level of the system filter and the system itself. In the place where the requirements of air purification and cleanliness are not strict, the air treated by the medium effect filter can be directly sent to the user. Our company produces themedium effect bag filter(bag filter) frame has cold plate spray, galvanized sheet and other forms, the filter material has non-woven fabric, glass fiber, filter particle size 1 ~ 5um, filter efficiency 60 ~ 95% (colorimetric method).

Combined medium efficiency filter: 285×285×295×3p bag medium efficiency filter: 495×595×500×5p

GK series high efficiency air filter

1) Effect: capture 0.1 ~ 0.5um fine particles

2) Type: aluminum alloy frame, no partition

3) Filter media: ultrafine fiberglass paper

4) Efficiency: 99.999% 0.3um (DOP method)

GK series HEPA filters are divided into partition HEPA filter(HEPA filter manufacturer) and no partition HEPA filter, with partition hePA filter including GK (with partition HEPA filter), GKW (high temperature resistant HEPA filter), GKA (high humidity resistant HEPA filter); Clapless HEPA filters include GKYW (modular HEPA filter), GKYS (clapless HEPA filter), GKYC (liquid tank clapless HEPA filter), GKYL (ultra-low resistance clapless HEPA filter), GKYD (knife frame clapless HEPA filter), and GKUL (0.1um ultra-HEPA filter).

High efficiency without partition: 610 x 610 x 69 High efficiency with partition: 610 x 610 x 120 320*320*220 484*484*220 610*610*220

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