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Primary Effect Bag Filter

Time: 2021-11-29

The first-effect bag filter is used in the pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system, and pre-filtration of large air compressors, etc.


Product Features:

1.) Rugged metal frame structure,

2.) High dust holding capacity, low resistance,

3.) Fluffy multi-layer synthetic fiber filter paper,

4.) Ultrasonic seamless bag structure,

5.) Efficiency: G3, G4


Product Introduction:

The extended filter surface bag filter is widely used in clean room systems such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, food and electronic industries, as well as general-purpose plants and Ventilation system for commercial buildings.


Structure Description:

1.) Rugged and leak-proof frame structure. M-pack adopts a double-layer U-shaped aluminum alloy outer frame. The bag is opened by a supporting grid locked in the U-shaped frame and tightly presses the mouth with the adjacent grid. It is locked and locked with a special knot to prevent the filter from falling off and damage during the handling process. All the metal edges of the filter are rolled inside, which can avoid scratching people during the installation and replacement of the filter, making the operation easy and easy.

2.) Fluffy synthetic fiber, M-pack filter material adopts imported synthetic fiber filter material. The filter material is processed by four layers of different non-woven fabrics through a special process to form a dense structure, so that the filter can achieve high dust holding capacity and low resistance. The needle punched layer and microfiber layer in the filter material also ensure the filtration efficiency of the filter material.

3.) Ultrasonic seamless sealing. Ultrasonic stitching technology, close the bag on three sides, and seal the corners on the back of the empty home with glue to ensure that the filter will not be damaged in harsh working environments. The filter bag adopts a reinforced grid to divide the bag into uniform and horizontal airflow channels, so that the bag can expand, so that the airflow can pass evenly, which greatly increases the effective use area of the filter material, and increases the dust holding capacity of the filter. Reduce the pressure of the filter.



1.) Pre-filtering of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system

2.) Large air compressor pre-filtration

3.) Centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system and return air filtration in clean room can prolong the service life of post-filter

4.) The ventilation system of ordinary industrial plants meets the general clean air requirements

5.) Coarse dust filtration system for air conditioning in general buildings

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