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Plate Type Dragon Skeleton Filter

Time: 2021-11-29

Product Features:

1.) Removable frame design.

2.) High dust holding capacity.

3.) The filter material can be cleaned (recommended to clean 2-3 times).

4.) High strength.

5.) Filter grade: G2/G3/G4/F5 (EN779).

6.) The plate-type reinforced rib-type pre-filter adopts a lightweight plate structure, polyester synthetic fiber, low initial resistance, and good fire resistance.



1.) Pre-filtration of general air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system.

2.) Pre-filtration of large air compressors.

3.) Centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system and return air filtration in clean room can extend the service life of post-filter.

4.) The pre-filtering of the ventilation system of the general industrial plant meets the general clean air requirements.

5.) Pre-filtering of air conditioning systems in general buildings.

6.) Pre-filtering of the public basic air-conditioning system of rail transit.


Structure Description:

1.) The outer frame is sturdy and detachable. M-WASH adopts a sturdy plate-type aluminum alloy frame with ABS plastic corners or aluminum alloy corners. The structure is firm and stable. The filter will not be deformed or damaged in a poor working environment. The outer frame is designed to be detachable for convenience. Replace the filter material to achieve the purpose of reuse of the frame.

2.) The filter mesh reinforcement ribs further enhance the firmness of the filter. At the same time, the balanced spacing and double reinforcement rib design ensure the pleated shape of the filter mesh, so that the filter can reach a large dust holding capacity when the resistance is small. .

3.) M-WASH filter material is polyester synthetic fiber, which can be cleaned and reused many times. It has a long service life. The fluffy and dense fiber structure ensures a higher dust collection rate and a larger dust holding capacity. Protect its rear filter and prolong its service life.

4.) In order to cooperate with the installation, the thickness of M-wash is designed with different thicknesses of 10MM, 1 inch (21, 23MM), 2 inches (46mm) and 4 inches (96mm). The thickness of 1 inch adopts * flat structure, 2 inches and 4 inches. Adopt pleated structure.

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