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Nylon mesh filter | What are the characteristics of nylon mesh air filter?

Time: 2022-04-21

Nylon mesh filter (also known as nylon mesh air filter or nylon mesh primary dust mesh), nylon mesh filter is reusable, very economical, and the filter structure is simple and beautiful, generally used in the primary filtration of central air conditioning System;nylon mesh pre air filter manufacturer’sfilter material is black nylon mesh made of PP material; nylon mesh filter has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can be repeatedly cleaned, and the filtration efficiency is not affected, generally designed as Double-layer nylon mesh can also be used as multi-layer nylon mesh, channel wire support structure, and the outer frame can be designed as galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame.


Nylon Mesh Filter Product Features:


1.) Aluminum frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel and other frame materials can be selected, combined with synthetic fiber material, woven from polyamide monofilament fiber, with good wear resistance and long service life.


2.) The nylon mesh filter has the characteristics of large air volume, low resistance, repeatable cleaning, long service life and high cost performance.


Nylon Mesh Filter Applicable Places:


1.) It is widely used in central air conditioners; household air conditioners and special acid and alkali resistant ventilation filters and air conditioner filtration of clean room return air outlets.


2.) Generally used for fresh air units, tuyere and other occasions in contact with the outside air, indoor air handlers and other equipment that require large air volume filtration, and suitable for ventilation and filtration in places with special acid, alkali or high temperature resistance;


3.) Primary filtration of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in large civil buildings such as office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and airports.

Nylon mesh filter material description:


Filter Material: black/white nylon mesh, woven from polyamide monofilament fiber, washable, wear-resistant and long-lasting;


Protection Net: φ4.0 or φ5.0 iron wire


Outer Frame: aluminum profile frame, aluminum plate folding frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame;


Size: according to the actual requirements of customers, recommended thickness: 10mm, 21mm, 46mm.




The Use Properties of Nylon Mesh Air Filter:


Lightweight plate structure, reusable metal aluminum frame;


The synthetic fiber filter material is woven from polyamide monofilament fiber, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life;


High strength, good comprehensive use effect, low initial resistance, strong dustproof performance.


It can be cleaned and reused many times, the replacement is simple and safe, and the user can operate it by himself, which is simple and convenient.

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