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Nylon Mesh Filter

Time: 2021-11-30

Product Features:  

1.) It is made of PP fiber spinning and forming into a whole body.

2.) Acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance.

3.) Low resistance, can be washed repeatedly, and high economy.

4.) The captured long and short fibers and dust particles are easy to clean, and the filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning.

5.) Good impact resistance.

6.) Filter grade: G1


Structure description:

It adopts a lightweight panel structure, a reusable metal frame, and PP fiber textile molding to make an integrated nylon net, wear-resistant, long service life, comprehensive use, low initial resistance, strong dust resistance, and more It is easy to replace after cleaning and reuse, and users can operate by themselves, which is simple and convenient.



1.) Use of refrigeration and air-conditioning products and equipment.

2.) Air purifier and air purification processing equipment, etc.

3.) The initial effect of engineering dust-proof filtering is used.

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