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Medium effect bag filter f8 action principle which industry can use?

Time: 2023-04-24

The effect of bag filter f8 in different industries play a large role, mainly used in the electronics industry, semiconductor, precision manufacturing, photoelectric industry, medical pharmaceutical, food and other industries, clean requirements of medicine, civil or industrial dust-free workshop places, as the front filter of efficient filtration, to reduce the load of efficient filtration,Medium bag filter f8Extend the service life of high efficiency filter, the specific use effect for you:

Medium effect bag filter f8

The principle of f8 is different from that of “screen”. Due to the dust particles in the air, under the action of the air flow, there will be inertial motion or random motion. And there is a force called “van der Waals force” between objects (namely the adsorption force between molecules and molecular groups), which makes the dust particles entering the medium-efficiency air filter bag adhere to the fiber surface of the air filter bag, so as to express the air purification effect of the bag-likemedium-efficiency air filter.(Shanghai bag type F8 air filter manufacturer)

In addition, subsidence occurs only when smaller dust particles in the air collide with each other, binding to each other and forming larger particles. Therefore, the particle density of fine dust in the air is relatively stable. Interiors and walls fade slowly for this reason. Perhaps because of kinematic friction, fiber filter material and fine dust may be charged, resulting in electrostatic effect. The resistance of bag type medium effect filter material with static electricity remains unchanged, and even the filtering effect is significantly improved. However, static electricity will cause fine dust to change its movement path. When it hits the obstacle of filter, fine dust will stick more firmly in the filter medium.(Shanghai bag type F8 air filter manufacturer)

Medium effect bag filter f8

Filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter(Shanghai bag type F8 air filter manufacturer)

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