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Manufacturer of high efficiency air filter in Shanghai

Time: 2023-02-03

High efficiency air filter purification technology and principle is to create a clean air environment, ensure and improve the quality of products is a comprehensive air clean technology. Mainly is the application of coarse (initial effect filter), medium effect filter, bag filter and high efficiency air filter three filtration, filter particles in the air, get clean air, and then parallel or verticalhigh efficiency air filterstraight along the same direction flow at a uniform speed, and the air around with particles washed away, so as to achieve the purpose of air cleanliness.

Purification technology characteristics of high efficiency air filter

There are two kinds of air flow in aseptic room: one is laminar flow (that is, all indoor suspended particles keep moving in the laminar flow layer); The other is non-laminar (that is, the flow of indoor air is turbulent). In a clean room equipped with a general air conditioning system, the indoor air flow belongs to non-laminar flow (turbulent), which can not only make the suspended particles in the air mixed rapidly, but also make the indoor static particles fly again, and some of the air can also be stagnant. (HEPA air filter manufacturer)

The laminar flow clean room is different. It has the following characteristics: (1) The laminar flow air entering the room has been filtered by the high efficiencyair filterto meet the asepsis requirements; (2) The air moves in the form of laminar flow, so that all the suspended particles in the room move in the laminar flow layer, which can avoid the agglomeration of suspended particles into large particles; (3) indoor pollutants can be quickly taken away by laminar air flow and discharged to the outdoor; (4) The air flow rate is relatively increased, so that particles float in the air, instead of accumulating and settling down. At the same time, indoor air will not be stagnant, which can avoid cross pollution of drug powder; (5) Clean air without eddy current, dust or bacteria attached to dust are not easy to spread and transfer to other places, but can only be eliminated. Laminar flow can reach 10,000 levels, even 100 levels. (HEPA filter manufacturer)

Laminar flow air in both laminar flow clean room and laminar flow clean table has two forms: horizontal laminar flow and vertical laminar flow.

In order to reduce the pollution of the staff to the clean room, the staff in clean hands, face, wrist after wearing sterile work clothes, enter the clean room before the first step through the air purification, that is, the clean air after high efficiency filtration through the nozzle at high speed air blown to the staff attached to the dust on the work clothes, personnel after the air shower, can enter the clean room. The air shower is located at the entrance of the clean room. The air shower room is composed of high efficiency filter, sealing chamber, pressurization chamber, air unit, electric heater and nozzle.

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