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Liquid filter bag broken bag reason analysis?

Time: 2023-03-17

1, design selection error

The wrong selection of the filter bag leads to the filter material cracking due to corrosion, chemical corrosion of the material containing thefilter bagand the filtered liquid, and hot melt corrosion occurs when the operating temperature of the application exceeds the filter bag temperature. The concentration of mechanical impurities in the liquid may also be too high, and the apparent pollutant capacity of the filter bag cannot be reached in a short time, indicating that the number of filter bags is not enough. In addition, the liquid flow is large, but the filter inlet and outlet size is small, resulting in the liquid flow rate through the filter bag too fast, more than the filtrate flow and rated flow indicators, these belong to the body selection error of the bag filter, may also cause the bag broken. (liquid filter bag manufacturer)

2. The installation of filter bag is not standard

When installing the filter bag, the filter bag pinholes are caused by sharp objects encountered by operators during installation. At the same time, when the filter bag is placed into the bag filter, the supporting net of the filter bag is not installed on the outside of the filter bag, so that the filter bag is not supported, or the operator does not smooth the filter bag when the supporting net is installed. The filter bag is in a discounted state in the supporting net basket and does not stick together with the supporting net basket. In particular, there are some precision special filter material filter bag feed filter machine is not in accordance with the requirements of the pre-wet step, or bag operation.

3. The replacement pressure difference of the filter bag is too high

With the deepening of filtration, impurities will adhere to the surface of the filter bag or embed in the internal void of the filter material, thus causing the flow resistance to rise, the pressure drop inside and outside the filter bag to rise, so that filtration can not continue to a certain extent, the need to replace the filter bag. If the pressure difference of filter bag replacement is too high, the life of filter bag will be increased, but the risk of filter bag rupture will also be increased. Moreover, if the filter bag is not damaged, many impurities will still be detected in the filtered liquid, and the filtration accuracy of the filter bag cannot be reached, because the high pressure difference will make the impurities intercepted and squeezed in the past. Therefore, the replacement pressure difference of the filter bag should be determined by testing and combining with the actual situation of filtration application under the recommended value of the manufacturer. (liquid filter bag manufacturer)

4. Accessories do not match

Filter float ball is a kind of hollow ball, which is commonly used in filter accessories. It is installed inside the filter bag to replace the filtered liquid, reduce the loss and discharge of materials before replacing the filter bag, and shorten the purge time. Especially in applications where filters are used for intermittent filtration, such as filling and filtration, or where filtration products are frequently switched, there are many liquid stopping and clearing operations, and the liquid impacts the filter bag and the floating ball in theliquid filter bag. At present, many manufacturers produce floats that are small in size and do not have collar to match the filter bag and filter. The surface of the floating ball or support basket has burrs, or the bottom is too smooth and does not match the filter bag, which will repeatedly rub against the bottom of the filter bag near the arc top and break the bag (liquid filter bag manufacturer)

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