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Is there a washable disposable air filter?

Time: 2022-09-09

Traditionally, washing is done by rinsing with water or by hand rubbing. Therefore, the filter material of thewashable disposable air filtershould be strong and the fiber should be thick (diameter ≥ f10). Such filter materials are mostly inexpensive non-woven fiber mats, which are ideal materials for manufacturing G2~G4 efficiency filters.Washable disposable air filter is ahigh efficiency filter.

The filter material with efficiency above F6, the fiber is generally between f0.5 ~ f5mm, it is not strong and cannot stand rubbing, so most of the filters above F6 are disposable. Of course, you also have to judge whether the auxiliary material of the filter is water resistant. Due to the high labor intensity, high labor cost, and relatively low price of filters, users in developed countries rarely use washable disposable air filter, although some can be cleaned in principle.

In recent years, many users in China no longer worry about the cleaning of air filters. Be careful when cleaning chemical fiber filters with static electricity. Although the water itself does not destroy the static electricity of the “electret”, the added cleaning agent may have an effect on the static electricity. After cleaning, perform an efficiency test on the filter to determine which cleaning agent to use. If possible, try ultrasonic cleaning. Since there is no rubbing, the air filter is generally not damaged by washing. In order to protect the environment, foreign countries have developed an assembly line for cleaning filters with ultrasonic waves, but the current cleaning cost is not much lower than that of making new filters, so it is difficult to promote.We also have other filters,for example,theHEPA filter with seperator,if you need them please contact the manufacturer.

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