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Is the FFU air filter easy to use?

Time: 2021-12-13

Air filters are mainly used to filter the air. Working and living with good air quality is also helpful to people’s health. So, is the FFU air filter easy to use? How much do you know about the basic information about the FFU air filter? Combining these two questions, let’s see how professionals explain it.


First, let’s take a look at the size of the FFU air filter. The commonly used FFU air filter size is 1175*575*340, and the noise is less than 50 decibels. The FFU box and the high-efficiency filter adopt a split design, which is more convenient during installation and can also improve installation efficiency. The FFU air filter fan adopts a direct-drive centrifugal fan. The high-quality fan can work for more than 50,000 hours, and the ordinary fan can work for 8,000 hours, and the air volume decays quickly. The FFU air filter shell is generally made of summer aluminum zinc plate, mirror stainless steel, etc., which is beautiful and generous.


It is understood that if you only consider filtering particulates, then the FFU air filter is currently the most cost-effective filtration equipment on the market, and the FFU air filter has a large dust holding capacity and a very good filtering effect.


Nowadays, the more brands of FFU air filter, the more people are at a loss before choosing. Shanghai SFFILTECH has been engaged in filtration equipment for many years and has very rich experience, and there are also many successful project cases. The quality of the FFU air filter is very important. The quality is good and the service life is long. Such equipment is often very cost-effective.


In addition, Shanghai SFFILTECH’s after-sales service is very comprehensive and good. Users can directly contact the manufacturer if they have any problems during the use of the equipment, and the relevant technicians will personally help the users solve the problems. In this way, the users can also purchase without any worries. And use FFU air filter. In terms of price, users are most concerned about the price issue. Shanghai SFFILTECH’s filtration equipment is relatively cost-effective, which is also satisfactory to many users.


Regarding the FFU air filter, I have made a simple analysis above for everyone. The filtration equipment is very common in life, and the precision filtration equipment is also widely used in various industries such as medical, industrial, chemical and so on. With the gradual improvement of technology, the performance of the FFU air filter is also constantly improving. While solving problems for people, it also creates a comfortable living and working environment for everyone.

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