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Installation process and usage of FFU fan filter unit?

Time: 2022-06-01

In the current industry, the FFU fan filter unit has a very wide range of use, especially in many work rooms with clean requirements, this FFU fan filter unit can often come in handy, but this kind of equipment in the early stage It is necessary to pay attention to the relevant links such as the installation of the FFU fan filter unit.


For FFU fan filtration, this is the quietest and most affordable unit on the market. This type of unit is generally used as a device for transporting high-quality air in the air, and in this device, the air flow is good. Generally, this type of equipment is suitable for the production of semiconductor, electronics and other manufacturers. These industries have very strict requirements on dust and particles in the air. Generally, FFU fan filtration is used in assembled clean rooms and local 100-level applications. Unit equipment, on the one hand, can reduce energy consumption, on the other hand, can reduce production costs.

The following describes the energy consumption of the FFU fan filter unit and the corresponding installation steps of the FFU fan filter unit?


1.) The equipment should be stopped now before the FFU fan filter unit is installed

2.) Before installing the FFU fan filter unit, it is necessary to point the new high-efficiency filter to a bright place, and visually observe whether the high-efficiency filter has any damage, such as the FFU fan filter unit caused by problems such as loopholes in the filter paper cannot be used.

3.) The fan filter unit is generally used in the renovation and renovation of new clean rooms and clean workshops. On the one hand, it can improve the cleanliness of the room, and on the other hand, it can also minimize various noises and vibrations. The language reduces the cost of equipment and the method of installation and maintenance.

4.) When installing the FFU fan filter unit, first lift the box, take out the ineffective filter and replace it with a new one, and ensure that the frame is sealed.


The FFU fan filter unit has very functional characteristics, especially in terms of the design of the unit and the corresponding structural composition, it can be easily operated at a later stage, and there will be no sudden problems with any parts during use. This is a structure that can be easily matched with the ceiling frame. The FFU fan filter unit installation method selected by the Shanghai SFFILTECH IndustrialFFU Filter Unit manufacturercan help customers improve the efficiency of equipment use, and can reduce the overall production cost and equipment energy consumption in the later stage.

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