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How to measure the different efficiency of washable primary air filters?

Time: 2023-07-10

The primary effect filter is a very common empty filter, often made of artificial fiber filter material, the use of strong, moisture-proof cardboard frame as the outer frame, in the normal operating environment will not be deformed, broken, twisted, the outer frame before and after the diagonal fixed filter material, filter material and the outer frame tight adhesion to the outer frame to prevent air leakage. Previously, a customer asked how to measure the washable primary air filter? In what way?

Cleanable primary air filter

Washable primary air filtershave a wide range of applications, such as primary filtration in air conditioning and ventilation systems, clean room return air filtration, and pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filtration devices. It is mainly used as the primary filtration of the multistage filtration system. (Shanghai SFFILTECH First effect air filter manufacturer)

Cleanable G3 G4 Cardboard FramePleated Type Pre air filteris mainly used to filter dust particles of 5μm and above particle size, filtration efficiency is measured by weight method, filter materials are non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, aluminum wave mesh, stainless steel mesh, non-woven filter material air surface after finishing treatment, to prevent non-woven fiber break and fly caused by secondary pollution.

Next, talk about the filtration efficiency measurement method of the primary filter – the weight method, the weight method is generally used to measure the low efficiency filter used as a pre-filter in the central air conditioning system, that is, the primary filter.

Relevant standards for weight method tests:

American Standard: ANSI/ASHRAE 52.1-1992

British Standard EN 779-1993

Chinese standard: GB 12218-1989

For the test dust source, it is generally large particle size and high concentration of standard dust. Dust is mainly selected, the specified region of the dust, and then mixed into the specified amount of fine carbon black and short fiber. The dust used varies from country to country. The Chinese standard once specified the use of Dust from a village on the Loess Plateau, the ArizonaRoad Dust from the desert areas of Arizona in the United States, and the Japanese standard specified the use of “Seonya clay” from Japan.(Shanghai SFFILTECH G3 G4 Cardboard Frame Pleated Type Pre air filter manufacturer)

The filtration efficiency of the air filter is the ratio of the amount of dust captured to the dust content of the original air.

The test method is that the filter is installed in the standard test wind tunnel with intermittent dust at the wind end. At intervals, the weight of dust passing through the filter (the amount of dust collected on the filter) is measured to obtain the filtration efficiency of the filter in terms of dust weight at that stage. The final weighing efficiency is the weighted average of the efficiency of each test stage depending on the amount of dust emitted. When the test is terminated, the weight of the filter containing the test dust is called the “dust capacity”. The termination test condition of the weight method test is the final resistance value agreed with the customer, or the final resistance value specified by the tester himself, or when the efficiency drops significantly. Obviously, the final resistance values are different. The weight efficiency value is different.

It should be noted that the weight method test is a destructive test and cannot be used for the daily product performance honing of the manufacturer. (Shanghai SFFILTECH First effect air filter manufacturer)

Cleanable primary air filter

Air filters are recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters. (Shanghai SFFILTECH First effect air filter manufacturer)

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