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How to judge the replacement cycle of high-efficiency filter in junior high school?

Time: 2022-09-17

For the replacement cycle of the high-efficiency filter, the time must first be determined according to the usage method. When using high-efficiency filters in clean rooms, it is necessary to accurately count the operating time and exhaust air volume. This is a reliable basis when the high-efficiency filter is replaced. Under normal operation, the service life of the high-efficiency filter can reach more than 1 year. If it can be properly maintained and maintained, the service life of the high-efficiency filter can reach more than 2 years. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the filter. The replacement cycle of the filter is also determined by the installation environment. For example, the service life of high-efficiency air filters in air purification equipment and pure environments is different. For example, the high-efficiency type of filter used in the electronics industry has better maintenance methods, so it can prolong the service life. Generally, this type of filter installed in the air shower can be used for 2 years. Generally, the filter will have a differential pressure gauge or the wind speed level in use to determine the best replacement time. We arehigh-efficiency air filters supplier. It can also be determined according to the actual usage. Check the material of the air outlet of the high-efficiency filter during use. If there is a lot of dust, be prepared to replace it. The color of the filter material on the upper and lower sides can also be used as a basis for replacement. If the two sides have turned black, be prepared to replace it. In use, you can go to the use of the indoor air filter many times, and analyze the time after the summary to ensure the replacement period. In the clean room, if the cleanliness does not meet the requirements, it can also be prepared for replacement. Common high-efficiency filters are basically replaced every one to two years, but don’t decide according to the actual use environment. Of course, in use, it is not possible to arbitrarily increase the scope of application. If the design and installation in use is unreasonable, the fresh air system is not properly handled, and the clean room control scheme is unreasonable, it will also affect its service life. In this case, replace it. The cycle will be shortened. The use of high-efficiency filters includes not only biological medicine, but also precision instruments, and can be used in the current beverage, food, and printing industries. Because there is a common place in these industries is the need for dust-free purification space, so the installation of filters can better achieve a dust-free state. Of course, there are many types of high-efficiency filters, and the products need to be selected according to the actual use, depending on the environment. Manufacturers of high-efficiency filters will carry out tests to ensure the effect in use, and this type of filter not only has high-efficiency filtration function, but also has the characteristics of low resistance and large dust holding capacity, which also meets the needs of meet the needs of different users.

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