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How to install the high efficiency filter?

Time: 2022-08-08

SFFILTECH reminds you to pay attention to the following issues when installing the HEPA filter.

Steps / Methods

1. When transporting and storing the high-efficiency filter, it should be set aside according to the direction of the manufacturer’s logo. It should be taken lightly during transportation to prevent violent vibration and collision so as not to cause artificial damage.

2. Before the installation ofhigh efficiency filter, the clean room must be cleaned, wiped, purified air conditioning system internal dust accumulation, should be cleaned and wiped again, to achieve clean requirements. If the high efficiency filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or ceiling, the technical mezzanine or ceiling should also be fully cleaned and wiped.

3. clean room and purified air conditioning system to clean requirements, purified air conditioning system must be test run. More than 12h continuous operation, again clean, wipe the clean room immediately after the installation of high-efficiency filters.

4. Before installation of high efficiency filter, it must be unpacked at the installation site for appearance inspection, including filter paper, sealant and frame with or without burrs and rust spots: with or without product certificate of conformity, whether the technical performance meets the design requirements. Then pick up the leakage. After inspection and picking up the qualified should be installed immediately. Installation should be based on the size of the resistance of each filter for reasonable deployment, for one-way flow, the same air outlet or air supply surface between the filters, each rated resistance and the average resistance of each unit should be less than 5% difference.

5. The frame for installing high efficiency filter should be flat. The allowable deviation of the installation frame of each high-efficiency filter is not more than 1mm, and the arrow on the outer frame of the filter and the direction of airflow should be kept consistent. When it is installed vertically, the filter paper crease should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. the sealing between the high efficiency filter and the frame generally uses gasket, sticker, negative pressure seal, liquid tank seal and double ring seal, etc. When the packing surface, filter frame surface and frame surface and liquid tank must be wiped clean. The thickness of the sealing gasket should not exceed 8mm, and the compression rate is 25%~30%. Its joint form and material should meet the design requirements, and there should be no leakage at each joint of the frame. When double-ring seal is used, do not block the eyelet on the ring cavity when pasting the seal; both double-ring seal and negative pressure seal must keep the negative pressure pipe open.

SFFILTECH reminds you that if necessary, it is better to put some glass glue evenly on the seal, and when connecting the filter and static pressure box, the force around should be even. Allow 24 hours for the glass glue to dry before running the purification system.These are the suggestions given by thefilter manufacturer.There are a wide variety ofindustrial air Purifierhigh efficiency filters.Please contact the merchant if you need.

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