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How to increase the service life of PP filter bag?

Time: 2023-04-21

In industrial water treatment and filtration processes, pp filter bags are often used withbag filtersto achieve better filtration results. Filter bags are made of polypropylene, whose production process includes hot melt and joint, widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, paint, ink, medicine, bioengineering, automotive manufacturing, electronics, electroplating, food, beverage and other fields. So, what do you know about the life of the filter bag? Next, let’s look at the introduction in this article. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Liquid filter bag manufacturer)

PP filter bag is made of polypropylene fiber material, accuracy range of 0.1-500μm, can be used for coarse filter, medium filter and fine filter, has good heat resistance. The normal service life of the product is 6-12 months, and the specific use is determined by the filtered water quality. If the water yield of the filter bag is stable, the water quality is good, and the filter bag is not damaged, it can be recycled all the time. After cleaning, the filtration function of pp filter bag will be worse than when just used. This is normal. If the water quality of the filter bag changes greatly after cleaning, it may indicate that the filter bag is damaged and the aperture has changed. At this point, the filter bag needs to be replaced. In addition, the hydrophilicity of filter bags that have not been used for a long time should be checked before using them. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Liquid filter bag manufacturer)

So, how to increase the service life of filter bag? The following measures can be taken:

1, the selection of suitable filter material, pp filter bag selection filter material should be based on the temperature of the gas, chemical characteristics, filtration speed, ash cleaning method, emission concentration and the work system of bag dust collector and other factors.

2. The structure of the reasonably designed filter bag should meet the requirements of the matching bag dust collector filtering and cleaning, and the installation is convenient and the sealing is reliable. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Liquid filter bag manufacturer)

3, exquisite sewing technology sewing size should meet the design requirements, and according to the filter material variety and use temperature, reserved thermal shrinkage size, sewing needle distance is reasonable, sewing line meet the requirements, no burr or fracture and damagepp filter bag, in the way of storage and transportation is not damaged or damp, should not be heavy and storage period is too long, otherwise it will affect the service life. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Liquid filter bag manufacturer)

4, the correct use method and preservation method. When using pp filter bag for filtration, it is necessary to ensure that the inlet water quality is within the reasonable bearing range of the filter bag aperture. The filter bag should be cleaned regularly. When purchasing, you can choose a filter bag with a larger demand than the actual water production to reduce the water production load of the filter bag.

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