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How to do the routine maintenance of the frame filter? How to choose frame filter?

Time: 2022-08-22

The use of filters in daily life is very common, so do you know the frame filter? Frame filter belongs to a kind of filter, the frame filter is a kind ofpre filters,frame filter saves energy while purifying air, and achieves low carbon and environmental protection, so it has been recognized and trusted by the public, and the market development prospect is very good.

Frame filter adopts the principle of high-efficiency filtration, low air resistance and low energy consumption, which can effectively purify the air and remove the pollutants in the air. Moreover, theframe filteralso has the advantages of clear and convenient filter replacement. Frame filters are light in weight, easy to install and have a long service life. It is worth noting that frame filters also require regular maintenance in the process of use, and generally need to be replaced once in about 2 to 3 months of use, and regularly check whether there is wear and tear on the activated carbon filter screen and whether there is impurity accumulation. If there is impurity accumulation, it is necessary to clean the frame filter. When cleaning, the installation and disassembly must read the product manual and operate correctly to avoid affecting the later use due to wrong operation.

The market price of frame filter ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars, so customers should buy according to their own situation when choosing. Be sure to compare the prices and choose the frame filter manufacturers with good market reputation and after-sales guarantee. If you want to buy a cost-effective frame filter, you need to pay attention to the following points when choosing a frame filter:

1, in the selection – must be clear when the filter back-end equipment for the degree of cleanliness of the filtered media requirements.

2, the category of the filtered media, chemical substances and physical properties, the most important thing to be clear is the viscosity of the media and the type of debris contained.

3, also need to pay attention to is the working pressure of the filter, the pressure level of the filter is basically in accordance with the highest possible pressure of the filter process pipeline.

The pressure level of the filter is basically determined according to the highest possible pressure of the process line of the filter, but usually the equipment protected by the filter has taken into account the limits of the system pressure.

4, determine the filter import and export diameter, the filter import and export diameter and the general diameter of the equipment consistent, can not be less than the back end of the import diameter.

5,The process connection form and standard of the filter.

Nowadays, frame filter has developed into an industry with a certain scale in the market, and its market share is increasing. SFFILTECH is also constantly making technical innovations to improve its strength and provide consumers with better services. The frame filter has brought great changes to people’s life and production, and also made a contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

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