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How to choose dust bag according to the working environment?

Time: 2023-03-31

Dust collection bag dust collector bag, dust collector bag is a kind of efficient collection of dust particles in dusty gas products, but in different working conditions the material is not the same, and different materials of dust bag is also used in different industry fields, choose a suitable dust bag to make the dust removal efficiency of dust collector twice the result with half the effort. Otherwise, not only the dust removal effect is not good, the life of the dust removal bag will be greatly shortened. There are many kinds of dust collector bag materials, all kinds of materials of dust bag use is not the same, the advantages are not the same, the application condition is not the same, so in the selection of bag dust filter bag, it is necessary to choose the size and quantity of the filter bag according to the actual working condition of the user, if there is no suitable, it needs to be tailored according to the actual working condition. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

Cloth bag filter bag material

1. Normal temperature cloth bag: The main material of normal temperature cloth bag is polyester. Polypropylene fiber. Acrylic and other high fiber raw materials do not need to textile. The textile method is manufactured with excellent penetration. The appearance is neat and elastic. The size is fixed. Easy removal of dust and other high quality capabilities. It is mainly aimed at the removal of dust pollution in the general industrial company and the treatment of flue gas at room temperature.

2. Medium temperature cloth bag: In recent years, with the development of bag-type dust collection level, imported fiber synthesizers have been used in China, and developed high-performance filter materials that can adapt to harsh working environment and ultra-long life. The market is more common in the temperature filter polymer fiber. PPS series polymer impregnation. Dust proof. Prevent pollution. The ideal filtration effect can be obtained by anti-erosion process.

3. High-temperature cloth bag: the high-temperature cloth bag commonly used in the market is mainly P84. Glass fiber and other high temperature resistant fiber materials by textile. Non-woven fabric processing, its characteristics are good thermal stability. High filtration efficiency. Long service life and other characteristics. It is mainly used for dust removal equipment under various high temperature flue gas conditions. For the interior with bad outdoor temperature, high temperature cloth bags caused by DWD raw materials must be used, and the general dust collection method can use polyester cloth bags. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

The dust bag of industrial precipitator should be replaced on time, otherwise it will harm the actual filtering effect of the precipitator and increase the operational friction resistance of the precipitator. So how often does thebag dust collectorreplace the bag?

How often should the dust bag be replaced? The dust bag should be replaced on time, just like the air filter of the car, otherwise it will harm the actual effect of the dust collector and improve the operational friction resistance of the dust collector.

The question of how often to change a bag is the same as the question of how long a mobile phone lasts and how long a car lasts. In addition to the quality of the product itself, it also has a lot to do with your proper use and careful maintenance.

1, first of all, how often to replace the bagdust bagis related to the quality of the bag dust collector you use. There is no doubt that the use time of good quality dust bag is higher than the quality of dust bag, so you want to use longer time, please try to choose high quality dust bag. Don’t inspect cheap bags. We always believe that you get what you pay for.

Due to the fierce competition in the industry, some inferior merchants use shoddy, and some enterprises covet cheap, purchased inferior dust bag, resulting in dust bag sex reduction, which is one of the keys to shorten the service life of dust bag.

2. In addition, how often the dust collector bag should be replaced also depends on the operation time of the dust collector and the concentration of dust. The service life of dust collector bag is different from that of eight hours a day and twenty-four hours a day.

3, filter wind speed: the filter wind speed of the dust collector is usually in 0.8~1.2, too high wind speed will increase the pressure of the dust collector, dust bag too late to clean, resulting in dust bag clogging, too high filter wind speed will reduce the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag, but also cause damage to the dust bag.

4. Low temperature dew formation: when the smoke exhaust temperature is lower than the dew point, dew formation will occur, which makes the characteristic index of the filter bag decline. In serious cases, ash agglomeration on the surface of the filter bag or even falls off together with the filter bed, seriously affecting the service life of the filter bag. In addition, in the cold winter in the north, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of plaster cake on the inner wall of the ash bucket, so that the ash can not flow out normally.

The dust concentration value harms the service life of the dust collector bag, just like the car walking on the urban road and the rural dirt road. At the same time of use, the dirty level of their filter element is undoubtedly different, so the dust and dust with high concentration value are replaced frequently.

Normal daily operation of eight hours of dust collector internal dust collector bag is generally replaced once every 2-3 years.

More severe environment and more than eight hours of daily work in the dust collector internal dust collector bag is generally not up to two years to replace once. The temperature, humidity, concentration, corrosion and particle size of the flue gas dust are factors that directly affect the service life of the dust bag, so in the selection of dust bag according to the characteristics of the flue gas with the corresponding special dust bag. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

The time to replace the dust bag can be referred to according to the theoretical data information, but also according to the specific application condition. In theory, the dust bag can be replaced after 2 years of application, but in the usual work, the different working conditions of the dust bag caused by the damage level is not the same. Therefore, sometimes it will be used 1 year to replace once. Especially in the high temperature, strong corrosion of the natural environment, dust bag is more easily destroyed, then the replacement time will be shorter. We have 3-month ones, we have 6-month ones, we have 8-month ones. In the practical application of the dust collector bag, the environment of the dust collector bag will also change with the change of the working condition, and even beyond the requirements of the design performance of the dust collector bag, such as the abnormal increase of the dust concentration and the abnormal rise of the smoke exhaust temperature, will cause the service life of the dust collector bag to shorten.

Dust bag is slowly damaged by dust, and this kind of damage is caused by the recreational power of dust, sometimes high temperature and acid alkalinity of dust will lead to mildew filter material, if the dust increases, it will cost more dust bag life, then the replacement time may be shorter than 1 year.

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