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How much do you know about the key points of air filter selection?

Time: 2021-12-10

The air effect filter is mainly used in two places, the two places are the central air conditioning and the centralized air supply system. The main function of this equipment is to be used in the primary filtration of the air conditioning system. The main advantage is that it can protect the next-stage filter in the system and the system itself. If it is in some places where air purification is not very clean, as long as it passes After the air effect filter is processed, the air can be sent directly to the user. The purpose of this kind of air filter is equivalent. It can be used in the front end of some central air conditioning ventilation, and can also be used in some pharmaceutical or food industrial purification. If this equipment is placed in the front end of the high-efficiency air filter, it is often It can reduce the load of the high efficiency air filter and extend its service life. For this kind of equipment, do you know the key points of its selection? Let’s learn the key points of its selection together.


In the selection process of air effect filter products, it is better to pay attention to the rated air volume of the control parameters, including the filtration efficiency under the rated air volume and the resistance under the rated air volume. Even its size needs to be considered. There are mainly two kinds of filter materials that are often used in this kind of filters. The two kinds of filter materials are glass fiber and non-woven fabric. In the process of choosing this kind of filter, you need to pay special attention. Most manufacturers can provide the dust holding capacity of the filter. The resistance of this kind of filter is usually s80MPa. The initial resistance is twice the final resistance, which can be used as the calculated resistance of the filter.


The filter resistance generally does not exceed 10% of the sample resistance. If it is a renewable and washable filter media after cleaning, its efficiency is often not lower than 85% of the original index, and the resistance is not higher than 115% of the original index. The air effect filter also needs to meet the fire protection requirements. The flash point of the air filter is preferably not less than 163″C. This type of filter is not suitable for independent use.


This is the main points of the air filter selection that I shared with my friends. When using this equipment, it is better not to use it alone, but to use it in combination with a coarse-efficiency air filter. Combining these two filters will have a better effect. This kind of equipment cannot be installed in the bathroom during installation.

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